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  • Muahua... I wrote it in Java/HTML/CSS/XML/SQL/Freemarker/Javascript.

    Anyway, user interface is no programming required. lol :p
    Storybook... eh, you'll find out in a few days. ;)
    But it's to do with visual novels, and the internet.
    Haha, we'll see, but for now the validation server is back online. :)
    Still, I don't think it's very helpful. Generally it will crash when you run it due to missing resources, lol.
    And I think the file it defaults to running is unfortunately part of the distribution, at the moment. Which means if you change it and run it, the updater will revert your changes... makes me feel like I should be working on it still, or something. Well, I didn't get a response from the contract guy yet, but maybe if I get my functionality on Storybook done today or tomorrow and he doesn't get back to me, I might try to get the CE resource distribution systems up and stuff. Unfortunately, it's a lot of work, not something I can just squeeze in on the side. I need to get my Overlord protocol working! XD
    If it's useful and well coded, approve it. He (apparently) modified the resource for the better, and the original creator has indeed disappeared; there's no need to not approve potentially useful resources because of such a small hiccup. :)
    It's apparently a bit of a pain. I might try to figure it out...

    Handled it. I'd already posted in the thread. Basically, the resource is completely pointless. Unless he can prove otherwise, somehow. Which he said he would. And hasn't. So GY'd 'til he gets around to it, at least. :)
    Bleh, lol it doesn't run properly... why does it null pointer?? -.-"
    Did you want to use it for something?
    Isn't it useful? I just wish it would be easier to build in linux, as well as to have the function list available, in this way of editing it.

    I'm curious though, how did using [ljass]//! import[/ljass] make it so you don't have to use the zinc headers?
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