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    Galaxy Editor - Code Samples

    You're a few weeks late.
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    SC2 Names

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    Starcraft II Modification: Dark Protoss Visual Add-on

    Actually, I'm fairly sure they are both. You can toggle between video and models for portraits in game.
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    Starcraft II Modification: Dark Protoss Visual Add-on

    Just a bunch of re-colors, it seems.
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    Tutorial Skins - Reskinning SC2 Units

    Direct Draw Surface (.dds) textures are pretty common. Hell, you can even open them in ifranview. As for m3, it's probably just an evolution of wow models (.m2). There are already m3->obj converters.
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    Discussion New Language - Discussion

    ..This does not rely on vJass and is not meant to be used with vJass (but possible to combine them). That's just a simple function being used as a vJass initializer. Creating something to recognize vJass initializers and give it it's own syntax is not what I am trying to do. I first check the...
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    Discussion New Language - Discussion

    I'm writing it in ruby and currently nothing is required aside from having ruby installed. So it's cross platform if that's what you're getting at.
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    Discussion New Language - Discussion

    I've started working on a preprocessor. I've tried before but this time I'm taking a different approach. It's going to be your typical bracket based syntax. Currently, I have only began the parsing phase, there is no syntax checker and the parser assumes all syntax is correct. Here is an...
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    Hive now uses your Jass tags =)

    Hive now uses your Jass tags =)
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    hrm. I suppose if you want code organization. scope example //! lua stuff encsope Would work.
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    Bad Apple!

    People with no lives can be bored.
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    Why is my rep cut in half?

    Why is my rep cut in half?
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    Well, if you guys make a list of what you want I can possibly do it. If it's not too much. If you want things like code organization (scopes/libraries) then fuck off :P.
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    Bad Apple!

    Skills for what? It probably was just very time consuming and the outcome is something most people wont see and/or forget about. It's obvious he has no life.
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    Abilities Events

    It's his own personal system I think.