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  • Alright, let's bring it down a notch. I'll stop calling you a fucking retard, and you stop saying that I can't code (by the way, that's not true, and there's actually proof of such things throughout these very forums). Dynamic triggers add a possibility to bug - you have to create and destroy an object, and, generally, with dynamic triggers, you're going to be attaching information to them too. Create + Destroy + H2I Attaching always comes with the possibility to fail based only on outside things. If you are able to code using dynamic triggers, good for you, but stuff that is written using static triggers is more robust, and more bug resistant by design. By comparison, dynamic triggers are really terrible coding practice.
    "terrible coding practice? probably you can't even code ... keep your jerky comments for yourself" -you (being a dumbass).

    Dynamic Triggers = Terrible Coding Practice. If you weren't fucking retarded you'd understand. It's not only the possibility to write code which breaks (which TriggerUtils supposedly fixes), but also the possibility to write code which sucks. Why use a trigger object for every instance of a spell when you could just as easily use one for the whole thing? Once again, you are retarded, so I don't expect you to understand.

    That's the link for the messenger.

    He said that you wanted to do some stuff and he wanted to do some stuff so you guys got into a argument.

    I'm interested, I'm a terrainer to you see, I just don't terrain much.

    I just created a skype account, its name is wraithseeker.

    MSN is nice with alot of extra features but most of them will never be used but alot of people use it.

    Changing terrain themes do not help you see, why not just trigger it although it needs alot of maths :D.
    Really? You could have pmed him and bugged him to do it else you can [execute] him [/execute].

    Need my help to terrain? :p

    I have skype and what's google talk?

    Come get MSN [ Windows Live messenger], I get on there almost 24/7 unless im sleeping.

    Lots of people go on there like moyack, rising dusk and so on others. MSN can also support a chatroom
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