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  • I moved your Tutorial to the Resource forum. I gave it the [Tutorial] Tag, because it has HTML and CSS. Though if you want a different one, please just tell me.
    Your private message storage is full, so i have to use a visitor message.

    it seems to me like we never catch each other on BNet.
    How would it be if we upload some replays from one another?

    I would really like to participate at the tournament, but as i said before, dont expact master-league gameplay from me.

    Cant tell you about my ladder placement because i only play custom games.
    My favorite Race is zerg, my favorite opponent is zerg, the worst enemy i know is terran with a slow siege tank push.

    If you like to play, just tell me via a private message here or maybe you can find me sometime on BNet, Accountname is "Corvus".

    Don't even need a local server. Just run [ljass]$ php myfile.php[/ljass] and make sure you have PHP tags in it. Instead of outputting to the webpage it outputs to terminal.
    Cool, I think I'll get started on it soon.

    Is there a good, free, webhost to use for projects like this? I was planning to just use freewebs, but I don't know if they offer .php support.
    Alright, I think I found a healthy cross between developing and designing.

    Would it be too challenging to try to start with a beta-tester-center website? Pretty much it would allow you to make an account with the name of your project, then allow you to create accounts for beta testers and let them register bugs. Bugs would be kept in a table and have columns like STATUS (fixed, unconfirmed, confirmed) and you could even create ranks of beta testers (Head Tester, Trial Tester, etc x)

    Would take some HTML for Designing, PHP and MySQL for serverside, and probably a bit of Javascript for aesthetics and interacting with elements.

    Is it too ambitious for a beginning project?
    I suppose, yes, but I also want to be able to design. I suppose designing is my first priority, then development.
    I can take a simple task, a practice quiz like you want, so you can figure out what I can do.

    I want to do a cross, be able to script a website in terms of PHP and make my own stuff, like a blog creator or something like that.
    So, I want to start getting into more Web Designing. I know CSS/Javascript/HTML and that stuff, and I have a pretty good understanding of that stuff, even though I need to learn a serverside language.

    I don't know where to go from here, though.

    Any help for a novice web designer?
    I've got essays too. :(

    I completely forgot.
    Well.. Good Luck with yours.
    Sounds fun. :)

    Well, Happy New Year to you!
    Yesterday it was "school next year", not it's "school in 5 days". :(
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