Apr 24, 2005
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I come from the net ... My format, Vector., from Hol n u tetris []z u nub

    1. phyrex1an
      For some reason your email wasn't confirmed. Fixed that for you :)
    2. Miz
      Welcome to the Roleplaying Forum! Make sure you read the Rules for Roleplay; the Beginners Guide to Role-Playing and last the The Warehouse Information.

      Also consider joining Roleplaying Guild Social Group. Hope you enjoy playing. If you have any questions or problems, just Private or Visitor Message me and I will answer/take care of them :D
    3. seph ir oth
      seph ir oth
      I'm glad you got the joke about the positive ion post. I was afraid that would go unnoticed.
    4. sithin
      hay mate i saw ur thing about "buff and spells" i wounder if u could give me a hand... im trying to get it that u can can select the spell u want from a shop and it will give you it... easy yes, but i want it to be able to stack into a spell book... e.g buy 11 spells off a shop and it gives u a spell book full of them... any ideas mate cheers thanks heaps
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