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    Sci/Tech Excel Is An Art Form: These Beautiful Images Are Proof

    Maybe someone could introduce him to inkscape or something?
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    Sci/Tech Google’s ‘#ifihadglass’ winners are mostly celebs and famous Twitter users

    I'm calling BS. That article doesn't link to or give ANY of the data. So I went looking for it. It's not particular damning.
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    World China: Officials caught spray-painting grass green in Chengdu

    Am I missing something? Won't this just kill the grass even faster? If the dye is absorbing all the (non-green) light instead of the plant :S.
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    Sci/Tech Your Android Phone Could Help Scientists Predict Your Weather Notice how the phrase "air pressure" appears in blue in the second paragraph? More data points = sharper conclusions. The samplings probably pretty wonky, all the readings will be concentrated in cities with no coverage of rural areas and the ocean, but...
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    Javascript loop question

    > halts execution of program In what way? Does this crash? Does it appear to do nothing? What exactly is happening. Those two snippets of code look equivalent to me. Are you sure that's all your changing? > I suspect loop runs in separate thread and it can't get variables in time. Pros maybe...
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    selectively disable facebook

    Relevant thread on a NoScript board: Direct link to FAQ:
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    What's your top anime list

    Outlaw star is first. Not sure about the ordering after that but: -Paranoia Agent -The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya -Ergo Proxy -Full Metal Alchemist (I like Brotherhood better, in large part because of the ending and Olivier Armstrong.) -Ghost in the Shell -Tenchi Muyo! -Sasami: Magical...
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    [C++] Creating a class for any type of variable?

    > How do I create something like this, which doesn't have a set type. That or void pointers. XD. Seriously though, templates. > void deleteEnemy(Enemy enemy); Exactly how do you expect this to work? It looks to me like you are passing...
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    Creating a SIN wave in OpenGL

    You're writing in a pure procedural style, so if you can follow the math you should be able to follow the code. Try describing the exact math you would use. Will your grid be moving up and down like a grate of solid metal bars, where every piece of metal moves together? (So, just like what you...
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    Can't access moved threads from their old forum

    I tried the two threads I referenced above. The formerly broken links now work. They appear to redirect to the correct link with the newer thread ID. Looks fixed to me.
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    Can't access moved threads from their old forum

    When a thread is moved a redirect to it is left in its prior forum. This redirect is currently broken. Clicking on it takes you to an error page displaying: The link to the thread from its new forum works fine. The link to the thread from the profile of the original poster also works fine...
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    Override-able functions? :s

    I have no idea what you want. You can't have a function that does nothing in one file and something in another. You can overload the function, creating two functions with different argument lists but the same name (really they are entirely different functions), is that what you want? You can...
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    Creating a SIN wave in OpenGL

    No; he doesn't have a waveform at all. He has a series of 36 co-linear line segments that go up and down as one, with their height given by a sine wave. Rather boring really. We can fix that though. :) Here's your typical sine wave in the (x, y) plane: y = 5sin((x) * pi). It sits on the x-axis...
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    [Maths] Gravitate towards target point?

    I'm assuming the "angle towards target from projectile" is measured counterclockwise from the positive x-axis, with the origin at the position of the projectile (i.e. atan2(target-projectile)). (For future reference: two points never defines an angle. Always make your third reference point...
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    General Parents put 3 month old in Washing Machine and turn it on (Video)

    Not what I meant. Why does it lock and start automatically when the door is first closed? Why isn't there a start button?