Nov 23, 2007
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    1. tooltiperror
      Yeah, lua is pretty simple, so that's why I want to start with it.

      I`m thinking of starting off by adding structs without methods.
    2. tooltiperror

      I want to start building a simple parser to customize Lua a bit. Where should I start?
    3. Sevion

      Moonlite is pwn. I can't wait for those uber features to be implemented :)

      Also, are you going to implement native highlighting?

      Theodore, you did awesome >=D
    4. Sevion
      No errors. o_O'

      Sweet. It will be Moonlite that will code all of my Galaxy >=D
    5. Sevion
    6. Sevion
      Yes, it does.
    7. Sevion
      When I try to run, I get a box saying "unable to find settings" and then I get an unhandled exception with the message:
    8. tooltiperror
      Incredibly awesome that you can download it, I`m going to get it out my PC later!

      I have to go at around 3 (ten minutes from now), and I`m trying to figure out a formula to see if a number is prime for a challenge Slapshot gave me. I'll hit you up when I'm back if yer still online.
    9. tooltiperror
      Nope, I was only looking at the pictures.

      Do you use another system for coding the UI, or did you develop your own?
    10. tooltiperror
      The project manager part, if it is as good as it looks, will make me do something sexual I am not supposed to talk about on the forum.

      It looks amazing, nice job, man.
    11. tooltiperror
      Yeah, every week we have these random quizzes where we need to learn 12 countries from random places in the world. A few weeks ago was Europe, then Russia, now we're moving onto Africa.

      You never know when you'll need to know the countries of Africa.

      Anyways, how are you coding Moonlight? Is it all different text files, or just one?
    12. tooltiperror
      God no, I`m afraid of Mountains xD Denmark was on my social studies quiz a few weeks ago, so I know where it is now! :D

      New England is the north east corner.
    13. tooltiperror
      New England, the home of liberty, the colonials, and tar and feathering.

      You from Germany?
    14. tooltiperror
      JassHelperHelper would be able to compile on a Mac, so it helps JassHelper, so it's JassHelperHelper.

      Haha, I love when people just randomly have Rep, I was curious.

      And America, sadly, I'd much prefer to be abroad.
    15. tooltiperror
      Baaw, I won't be able to use it on my main computer, that is :P

      Due to the crappy support for JASS on Macs, including a broken World Editor and lack of in-editor vJASS coding, I had to buy a laptop off of my cousin who just moved to South America and can't be arsed to bring her computer there. So I have to do everything on this computer, and vJASS on the other one. ( le-sigh )

      But, the future looks bright, since Weep is working on a thing called JassHelperHelper.

      Enough about me, how'd you get [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]? :P
    16. tooltiperror
      Oh, I assumed you've been using it for years.

      Is it cross platform?
    17. tooltiperror
      Haha, the free function calls and crazy syntax makes it ugly, I see why you hate it, even though I haven't ever used it, much.

      Moonlight is amazing though, how long have you been using CSharp?
    18. tooltiperror
      It all started out 10 months ago - I was just starting Visual Basic and had decided to write a simple syntax highlighter for this new shiny thing called "cJass", since I was a beta tester.

      I just assumed that you were going to make it work with cJASS.
    19. tooltiperror
      Oh, cool, can't wait to see it. It looks pretty cool. You said you worked with cJASS, will it support it?
    20. Sevion
      No dice. Unless you haven't uploaded the files yet.
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