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  • What happened to moonlite? Im thinking of doing some shit in SC2 now and i need somewere to code it in.
    > I guess you don't know, but my leg has been broken for 9 months. :<
    I do distantly recall something about that (I haven't been there for 9 months yet).

    > Although you're a nerd, so you shouldn't be in the army
    Being a nerd doesn't mean you shouldn't be in the army here (They even got positions for web developing and stuff! :D I would've needed some work experience and studying stuff done before the army to get such a position, though :(). Being a very hardcore peace activist means you might consider not going to the army.

    > Are you willing to play some SC2 in your vacation?
    I don't have SC2. :p I don't really have the time to play it, so I kinda figured it'd be a waste of money.
    Pretty good. Army's been nice enough, and I became a leader last Thursday. :) Sucks with programming, though, as I don't really have that much time for it (and now when I do, I got nothing to program :(). How you been?
    Dammit missed your birthday >_<
    Well happy birthday +3 days...
    Hope everything is going good for you :)
    Nja, jeg gik på FG indtil i sommers, da jeg blev student;)

    Nice nok, kender nogle stykker i Gadevang - Lasse Gunnersen, Anders Christensen og Thor Nørrevang. Siger de dig noget?
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