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  • Yeah, so I finished all the constants, but if you have time in the next week, can you put all the natives in a text file with the format "- NATIVENAME" so that I can find/replace the "- "?

    Love you.
    yup. could you give me a link to the one you downloaded?

    and what are the limitations of installing on vmware?
                    text-shadow:0px 0px 3px red;

    Pretty class is pretty.
    case: "input.txt"
    Console.WriteLine("astring == input.txt");
    case: 'Hello, World!"
    Console.WriteLine("astring == Hello, World!")

    It's like super IFs :)
    you don't talk to me anymore :(

    I'm starting to build my lua-extension in C#, I love it so much, thanks for introducing me to it.

    How to use case and switch, btw?
    That doesn't make any sense. I just needed you to translate some (semi-)Swedish to English. I thought maybe you had Swedish friends or something. I don't need this anymore, though :).
    Sorry for the late response, I was in a trip. Well, whenever you want. My time zone is GMT +3, right now it's 18:17. I can play at any time from 12 to ~17 and sometimes, if I don't go out, all the way from 12 to 00.
    We decided to have one mini-tournament for every server that can get to 16 players. (or more)
    So if you can get 15 other Europeans to play. We will host one for the EU Servers
    It all depends on the amount of work. I was never really expensive with stuff, I don't like completely scamming people, but whatever you think is good for the project at hand, talk it over with the person. :)
    Yeah, but I never really did any of the graphical work, I was always working with backend stuff and PHP scripts. I am absolutely horrible at anything related to image work. Lol
    Why do you want me to make one so bad, haha. I might if I get the time, I've been playing Final Fantasy 14, servers are now up 24/7(!), and finishing commissions.
    ah, im also going on a short vacation for a week, but if you want to give me his e-mail or something il contact him after that
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