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  • I never see you online on skype anymore. Beta phase 2 has started and I want to mass something silly and win. You up for it?
    not sure what you mean by "with a fluid accent" - I don't have a Romanian accent when I speak English, but I have an English accent when I speak Romanian
    Yeah, I live in Canada, but don't use MSN at all, I'm afraid. I could probably start, but for now I'm using GTalk.
    Idk. I tried the little Play button on the top. (But the map isn't even connected to the project... OH And I hate the positioning of Load Project. It feels like it should be right under Open Project...) It throws me a message saying "Map thingy in SC2 is not implemented" (Ofc not real message.)
    Idk. Coding with straight Galaxy is much more preferred than GUI and the laggyshit custom script.

    What I do is I go into the map and do an include on the files. <;3
    ATM, I'd rather use Moonlite for coding because the script editor is laggier than fuck-hell.
    Can you make apps for Zune? If you know how, teach me :D
    But I'm gonna see if I can fix my iPod, because today my friend plugged his headphones in and it worked... but I tried like 5 other headphones and they didn't work... so I'm confused.
    And maybe I'm not getting a Zune which disappoints me because I was really excited, ha. But I found out that some headphones work for my iPod, the ones that have like 3 rings on it, while the ones with 2 rings don't work... and my parents won't let me buy a Zune now since my iPod works (half the time)... ah tell me how the Zune is when you get it.
    I'm thinking about getting the Zune HD 32. My previous iPod was 120gb so I'd be more used to the 64 one, but I don't wanna' spend the extra $100 ha. I like how you can customize it, mine shall say "why so serious?". So, is the Zune HD 32 good?

    Tell me if you get one.
    Got me thinking maybe I should get a Zune, too, since my iPod just broke, ha. The Zune software is like iTunes right? So you can just put on your own files and music and movies and stuff from your computer?
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