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  • of all my hostile posts you call the one that is just nicely pointing out ignorance a flame? :p
    I did make the system.
    It clearly says that I did. :p

    The value itself depends on your map. How quickly it increases is what you should really worry about.

    A map I used it on started with about 4000, and never got past 4200.
    Another map could have about 100.

    If you get >1 increase every second, you've got problems. :p
    Damn.. That must be the old version of the system. D:
    I remember the very first one had a few errors like that.

    I can't seem to find any later ones though.

    Make a new trigger, name it anything you want. Go to Edit -> Convert to Custom Text.
    Replace everything there with the script.

    The handles won't tend to constantly decrease. Only when a unit decays or you remove a location or something. If it constantly goes up though, you've got a problem. =)
    I will. I suddenly realised as well that the calculations with angles are just plain fucking annoying, even to do while this. And it still has cases where it will fuck up.

    I will write some jass code later to simplify this all. (Check if angle is between angle's, etc.)

    It's annoying how there isn't anything in WE that detects that a 0 degree angle is only 1 degree away from a 359 degree angle, instead of the 359 that is used in calculations. ;-;
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