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  • As for the Model Editor you suggested, where can I change Model to Projectile and rotate it in the air constantly while throwing to targeted victim?
    Dude, I'm trying, but the more I make, the more it looks like ToB!
    Ive changed the terrain from Sunken Ruins to Ashenvale, but still.
    I'm just adding heroes and items now, so I could start testing shit out.
    okay.. marry xmas to you:p I don't mind about that delay.. I can't use pc now so it doesn't matter :p I'll let you know when I have my monitor back
    I hope I will be online on Xmas :( .. my dad still doesn't want to gimme my monitor back :'(
    my parents took my monitor! :D damn them.. I am in school now.. but this weekend I should be back in normal.. how's terrain going on? :p
    Heya, just wondering how the terrain is coming along and if you can post some more screenies on the LoH thread. :p
    You never online on MSN o_O' don't you have any other messeneger so we can talk?
    I edited my last post in my thread about Functions; Clicky!
    Mind having a look at it? =)
    how about just buff detection and range detection?

    i'm using caster system, TT..
    maybe you can add more if it's needed.

    ..and what timezone are you on? so that i know when you're online probably..
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