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  • Yea, somewhat. Got exams coming at light speed though, so I will probably be less active : /
    There are rumors that the expansions will be DLC-s... I'd rather if they aren't, but meh. It is very expensive, but worth it. You get a game engine with a powerful editor, the most polished, rich and inovative pvp experience in an RTS (every unit has a lot of usages AND there are arcade inovations + the singleplayer, wich is a totally different game that has nothing to do with the skirmish or the editor.

    Well worth the 65 dollars, but still, it is expensive. Pirating might help you, but no b.net :pP

    Btw, I am sure that I have told you this before but you draw amaizing. : ))
    What is down ? can I assist somehow ?

    Well, sadly no. My wc3 career ended after the final versions of my maps. Now I am struggeling with the SCII bugs :D. After 9 days I start mapping (by that time if I haven't finished the campaing I will use cheats :X ) I am enjoying the melee and I will devide my SCII time on 2 parts: mapping (40%) and melee games (60%) because I need more practise and this is without a doubt the best melee strategy game.

    I have a question for you: Are you gonna buy and play SCII ?
    Too expensive :p, though it'd be great fun to have one. :D
    Besides that, I'm not nearly as talented with drawing as you are.
    Well we have to make one up, and it can be outrageous, ha.
    I already made one yesterday, but it was bad since I didn't put any effort into it.
    I mean suggested/estimated time by the teacher to do this was like an hour, so I don't wanna do it for more than 2. And... photoshopping squirrels are a pain since they have so many hairs...

    but sure, a map of a squirraffe would be nice if you have time, heh.
    School project, genetic engineering haha. Well a panda is an animal xD
    Okee then, no problem heh. NO SCHOOL :D
    Sir, is you can draw a SQUIRAFFE (Squirrel + Giraffe) for meh? :(
    Like the head of a giraffe with the body of a squirrel?
    Almighty vypur85.
    Oooh.... but I mean where did you get it animated? Did you make it? Using the tare panda of course (whihc is awesome, and very flat) lol.
    What is it that isn't MUI ? :S

    I just don't work on the same unit twice, but it should work on two (Or more) different units, right ? :S
    (I don't really do GUI MUI XD I'm better in vJASS for that ;))
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