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  • ahh one more thing
    this part : ((String((Real(IntegerVariable)) x 2.25))) i cant seem to do it cuz I use Conversion - Convert Integer to String and then Conversion - Convert Real to String however in the middle I can't put the 2.25 in there cuz I can't find a trigger that does something like String x Number
    Edit: omg sry I'm so stupid lol I got no worries
    hey do u remember my thread? about special effects and critical, ok so there are a few questions I wanted to ask so I posted them in there. can u take a look? thx
    This is a message discussing the hero picking system you sent me. Once the units are made, I need to somehow turn off several triggers and then enable others to make the heroes learn abilities and use spells. How should I approach this?
    If I don't, I'll send you a message with details. If you can't answer my questions, then I'll just revive the old thread. Thanks anyhow.
    I'd be happy to recreate in vJass for you if you want, I'm a huuuge fan of your map. It's surprising that was in vJass.

    Edit: It'd be helpful to see the map honestly, I'm not too good at raw ideas when starting a map.
    I wouldn't say bumper cars exactly, but using the same fundamental create a more dynamic map. A realistic collision themed minigame of some fashion. If you won't continue it I would like to, if you wouldn't mind.
    I loved the map myself, I wanted to see a more dynamic version of it though. It'd be awesome to use the bumper car system in conjunction with more features and viewpoints to it.
    It's unfortunate that you're no longer drawing for the Prose. :(
    I don't think there's any better comic artist on this site then you.

    Oh well. Thanks for all the work you put into the comic. =)
    Pondehs are greater than pandas! >:)
    And yeah, I draw a lot, every day. Mostly in math class, rofl. I have some stuff around but I don't post em up.
    Well I love Pandas already, D:
    But... a secret, I'm drawing Pondehs. They're a race cousin to Pandas. They know kung fu and have secret abilities each of them. There's only 49 of them in this world, use to be 50 but one got hunted down a few weeks ago, cuz they're really rare. Recently, they changed their looks so people think they're pandas, so I made some Pondehs. I actually have 2 Pondehs living with me. :O
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