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    Hi, I would really like to know, how you made the werewolf. I can't make my unit use Metamorphosis like the Shadow Meld does. Only active at night. Can you please help me?

    Many Thanks from Mkyu
    Wow, I love the ideas behind the maps you've submitted... Where did you get the idea for the London Massacre? That's really interesting.
    Hey there are some things i wanted to talk to you about regarding Werewolf Transylvania. The first is that you cant build vertical gates or fences. I know they are still usable for their purpose but it just bugs me that they don't look right. Something that has happened to me is that the invisibility cape you get from hunter shop doesn't work. I haven't played the newest version yet I just downloaded it, so if you fixed this stuff sorry. Also in 1.16 (the one I have) the map is kinda small, in my experiences the wolf finds you too easily. I saw that Halo King said in 1.17 the map is too big. If it's bigger than 1.16 then it should be about the right size. Also I've had problems with selling items. If I don't click on a precise spot I just drop it on the ground. This happens a lot with the fish drop off building. Another problem is players building ivory towers in the wolf cave. Regardless of these minor things this map is a favorite of my friends and I, keep up the good work!
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