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    Other WCII - Tides of Darkness

    Looks like a nice project, + rep. Also, this.
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    WIP Legacy of Heroes

    Marko Lurch the Shambler Melee/Int A peculiar man, Marko was never quite like the other Humans. In fact Marko always had an affinity for nature - animals, plants, all of it. But, the only others who shared his passion were the Night Elves, who of course weren't quite fond of the Humans...
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    WIP Warcraft IV

    Nothing killed Sargeras - he is the most powerful (known) being in the Universe. If you meant Aegwynn, that was his avatar and he WANTED her to kill him, because he really just wanted to possess Medivh (who she was pregnant with at the time - pregnant badasses ftw). As king said, I think...
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    Wake up earlier damn you!

    Wake up earlier damn you!
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    Melee Arena Idea Thread

    Name: Revein, the Flayed One Model: Ghoul Ability One - Vengeful Strike: Revein leaps on an enemy, dealing X damage and causing 3 stacks of Bleed. Ability Two - Flay: Revein tears the skin of an enemy, causing 50 damage for every stack of bleed, and puts Revein in a furious rage, increasing...
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    WIP Legacy of Heroes

    I have an idea. How about you have the fallen members become "Spirits of Vengeance", and you create a little "Underworld zone" where fallen members reside, called "the Abyss", which is a safe zone for all fallen members, with item shops, etc. It also has a portal to the battlefield. Now, this...
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    WIP Warcraft IV

    !! Kill the Burning Legion? Holy shit. That basically means it can destroy about anything in the Universe. And what are you talking about the demons in WC3 being the same ones as Diablo? Source please. I thought Illidan got the artifact (and if they had the artifact, that could apparently...
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    Summoning Units

    You could do that, but then you'd have the ugly blue summoned unit timed life bar )-= This is much more of a hassle, but no ugly blue summoned unit timed life bar :D
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    Night Elf Tree: From Unit to Building?

    Instead of a building, maybe you can just make it like a shape shift to look like rooting, and just making the shape shifted form look a building/stationary And for the sfx (i.e. butterflies) sfex Events Conditions Actions Special Effect - Create a special effect...
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    Upgrading ability

    I think this should work upgrade trig Events Unit - A unit owned by Player 1 (Red) Finishes research Conditions (Researched tech-type) Equal to Iron Plating Actions Player - Set the current research level of Iron Plating to 1 for Player 2 (Blue)
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    Looking for a swedish team to make maps with!

    Hmm Does that mean your swedish and able to help him?
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    Looking for a swedish team to make maps with!

    Varine, your swedish? 3rd swedish person in WCIV:EoE
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    Icecrown Citadel 5-mans revealed!

    Quel'delar lore ftw. I tried Pit of Saron on the ptr, pretty awesome (I also love my premades dps :P I'm only a casual so my gear kind of sucks on live)
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    WIP Warcraft IV

    Falric and Marwyn weren't named in Warcraft 3 (had little to no presence) but they are in the book Arthas : the Rise of the Lich King. Falric and Marwyn were his right hand captains (I'm sure in RoC you remember the captains, in, say the mission where you used those mercenaries to burn the...
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    WIP Warcraft IV

    Hmm let me comment on a few things in your main post. The Lich King's right hands were Falric and Marwyn. If you're going to throw in a new character, he has to have more back story. Illidan returned to Outland before Arthas/Ner'zhul merged. Also, Outland is part of Draenor, and theres...