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  • Your right...
    I can't get them anywhere else but you...
    Would you be so kind as to change your user title and location to something less noobish? I, for one, find them annoying. Along with this page.
    I'l take 2 crates to go Jim.

    It's good , been creating much stuff for all the diff components , I also created a website ( you can find the link on my page -> contact info )
    Aww, poor Weege , I still have this week + next week til school ^_^
    Ok ^_^ , same for you.
    And I feel sorry for Miz as well... Stupid drakethos rushing into a big 3D project w/ editor...
    I think we could accomplish a 2D game ( kind of :p )
    And 666 per crate... sounds like a bargain to me :)
    BUt , if you make a 'map maker' you can easy make the 'maps' for your solo rpg ( which is what I'm doing )
    But I'm not using XNA ( Just plain C# )
    ( But I'm having like 'roam around phase' then the 'battle phase' where you go head on with the enemies
    I'l have a crate of happy pillz to go jim :D ( There is 250 per crate right !? )

    But yeh... Our games on 1 site ... Hmm... I could live with that...

    It's a 2D rpg , which I'm making an editor for , for quick'n'easy *map* making ( like each zone of the game )

    What is your game then ? :p

    ( Hey... Don't forget , your 2 posts away from being 1337 man :D )
    It's dead... And I probably ... might quit...

    How the &#$% do I make networking !? lawls

    Plus most of them are inactive... But I feel sorry for Miz , he writes loads of stuff and nothing is being done about it ^_^

    and yes... yes I am your hippy girlfriend who you gave happy pillz ( and you owe drakethos 30% ^_^ )

    + I have my own game project I'm working on :D
    Aha so now I know where Dragon_Lance went ^_^
    and hi :D

    (do you have issues or something ? ^__^)
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