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  • >>That is annoying, and i seems to make the proper use of more than the maximum amount of tiles impossible. There has to be a way around that, since many RPGs use far more than the normal amount of tiles (Twilight ORPG, GOH ORPG, Black Road,...). My question: How to use more than the maximum amount of tiles without messing up existing ones?

    I see your question went unanswered. There is a way but it is time consuming. There is a action under Enviroment which allows terrain to be changed. That can be used to give more terrain choices but will only be seen in-game. Hope that helps :)
    okey so its maby better for me to use the one blizzard uses when i convert? That gives me 1 directly or is the other faster?? Since there is really no big problem so just write +1
    Ah, dang okey thanks. I have another problem aswell when i tried to convert a trigger condition. May i post it here?
    I have a problem now. A trigger wont remove item in slot 1. I have these lines
    call RemoveItem( UnitItemInSlot(u, 1) )
    call RemoveItem( UnitItemInSlot(u, 2) )
    call RemoveItem( UnitItemInSlot(u, 3) )
    call RemoveItem( UnitItemInSlot(u, 4) )
    call RemoveItem( UnitItemInSlot(u, 5) )
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