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  • Well, my other partner got himself banned (hacking in custom games >_>). So, yes. I need a partner for the 2v2 USA tourney :D We can be Team Jacob. Yes? By the way, you should totally join Team iNsomnia. iNsWhitesock. Epic. Miz also wants you to post in the thread for some confirmation on the team + if you're good with the map pool.
    I haven't been playing a lot recently, but yeah I do.
    I have my own clan with ~130+ members, not that all of them are good, lol.

    But sure, I'll add you as a friend and we can play.
    I'm stuck around 1600 MMR, but I'm as good as 1700+.
    It eats up my time sure, but I feel like it is time to give back something to TH. The painful part is getting the screenshots since my PC is ubershit. I run SCII on lowest ......... : (
    Can you find time to check a few more of my tuts please ?

    I am planning a release on 6+ this friday or saturday and I was hoping that some of the ones already made would be checked by then.

    Thanks in advance.
    We're still working on some preliminary things, but once we get some stuff going, I can get that info to you ;)

    For now, if you want to, you can try coming up with ideas for color combinations that might look good in a theme.

    That's all the info we have right now.

    We're still working on finishing Moonlite (Like 90% done). The terrain is more or less done for alpha purposes.

    I've been working on some preliminary systems and scripts that I can work on until we get things going.

    Vestras is sleeping right now so I can't really confer with him, but tomorrow I can. I might start sketching something out and getting ideas down on paper for you.
    Things will be moved around. The GUI will be completely different. There will be new things added and somethings removed.
    Don't sweat it ^_^

    I have nothing right now, but I'll get thinking on the GUI tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully I can get a sketch of something with a list of modules or what-have-you.

    A lot of it will be things like buttons, panels, bars (health/energy/what-have-you), list boxes, etc. The kinds of things that Blizzard already has with dialog boxes.

    As for the theme, I was thinking something space-y. Something bright, but not too bright. Maybe metallic. I'm not sure if it's possible, but I might want to see about something like getting animated lights or something. However that might just be too much.

    I'd have to confer with Vestras for more, but I was thinking something along those lines.

    You can ask Vestras about what he would like to see and we can reach some kind of compromise ^_^
    Well, since we never got to get on Skype, here's a fill in:

    We're working on a project that we jokingly codenamed Project Seraph.

    We're going to be "cool" like the "professionals" and keep everything hush hush.

    Anyhow, we're going to be doing this for StarCraft II and we had the idea of a completely custom GUI.

    That's where you come in. We didn't like the default StarCraft II GUI textures so we went looking for a graphic artist and I thought, hey, why not our resident Whitesock?

    We've got some groundwork started with the project but nothing as of yet for the GUI. We're just getting some preliminary things done like building the team, getting things setup, and most of all working on Moonlite.

    I've been testing Moonlite and helping Vestras develop it. So far we've fixed many things and our progress is strong.
    We're soon to be ready to begin full development on the project.

    Right now, all we need is a graphic artist, an audiographer, a terrainer, and possibly more scripters.

    So far, our team is just Vestras and me. You included if you decide to give it a go.

    Here are some screenshots of the terrain I've been working on:

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