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  • Tom,

    I have a proposition. Would you like to join Vestras and I on our project as a graphic artist?

    Whoa. I believe Tortue has something against me. lol.
    He DQ's me again for SOTW 100... apparently I didnt fit the theme.
    No problem :D

    I like it so much better than the original!

    No autotune ^_^

    So many people on Youtube have such real raw talent that outdoes "professional" musicians any day.
    You might find this helpful, more specifically this. It allows you to open [ljass]*.dds[/ljass] files.
    Like this weekend? D: Tomorrow? D: *Practice, Practice, Practice* Lol jk jk.

    Tomorrow afternoon/night work? I should be on. Otherwise.... add me on Hero-Of-Winds@hotmail.com Real ID because I might forget and be on WoW D:
    A great deal of things. In order of prevalence though...

    Slicex and sequencing the drums in to neat patterns.

    Automate the drums pitch.

    Vsts that rearange or apply distortion, automate them on and off. Dblue_glitch, pitchslap, filters, bit crushers.

    Automate the drums mono-note arpeggiation for the repeating.

    Heavy reverb wet mix signal automation (sweeping it on and off gets a sort of airy blast).

    Layer the drums, if you have one simple beat playing, a glitchy set on top, and then another set accenting the glitches rhtymhn, you get a very complicated/busy sound without have to break your back for it.
    Well because you enjoyed it so much, I decided to keep it around. :3
    hah. my sister was like, "maybe I should go check out some artsy schools" and I was just thinking she had no idea what she would be up against for admissions.
    Right, so, want to start doing ... IRL .... art.

    So, should I just start by drawing shapes on a daily basis or something? Figured you would have some good advice :D
    sorry did not notice i double posted! I would like to keep the one ending with "art" and not the sound one.
    meh.. I guess it wasn't fixed.. I don't know whats wrong with it, it seemed to work fine until just now
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