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  • Haha, you got yelled at for something I am still doing... LOL!
    "Clicky clicky clickY"

    This signature is clearly not annoying enough. Not only should the name stick (obv.), but it should auto-click it no matter where you click on your screen.

    That would definitely up your website's views. :rolleyes:
    Something I'm working on. Didn't think this near completed WIP needed any sort of post of its own, so your page will do.
    We kickass lol. We're both great with graphics and are like "oh no no, you'll beat me!".
    We'll see, I havn't really done much like.. clean sexy editing myself lately. My primary PS use is just editing screenshots and small things. Glam shots / sigs isn't something I've ever spent much time in. :p

    Frankly I was like "oh shit, WS and me."

    I guess its an indicator that I think you have skill. Be humbled.
    It's high elo, your hero choice is super important, because counters are way more evident the higher you get in elo.
    Yea, me and my friends are at a pretty good elo, 'cause most of us have played since the beta.
    Haha, there is a hotkey for the shop, it's p. What you should do before playing is read up in the database the skills of every hero, find out what each hero does.
    Helllo, can u send me a HoN beta key, i really like how the game sounds. Thanks.
    So the strings used in my song "Grey Abstract" that you commented on NG about. Their from Edirol Orchestral (not free).

    Its just a viola and cello layer playing outside of their regular pitch ranges, so it gets a sort of altered reedy sound.

    Theres also use of a harp - also Edirol.

    Making sounds have a east asian sort of sound is really easy though. Pretty much add reverb, raise resonance, lower bass and add a feint detune single poly chorus. Bam instant twangy pluck sound.
    I'd be willing to send you an LoL Beta key this afternoon, I'm on my laptop at college right now, as their internet has websense, I can't from here. They blocked the league of legends site, as well as my e-mail. I have a live key off a dummy e-mail, and one from them. Contact me if you want one still.
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