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  • Can I cry? epic... looks like plain old dead trees and snow.
    -Only things was spider gate with leading up to some thing.
    -The portal on wolrd tree (which looked ugly).
    -The icy crystal field.

    And that is it... not epic :( I expected better!

    I'll be page designer if you want. (I replied the sov thread). There aren't much people who are asking for concepts/ideas. So I turn to help ya out.
    found something you may want to use for your EKB system
    its a very smooth system by moyack, what he used for his knockbacks, its just like knockbacks that adds height, or make it just like normal knockback, but not that complete, you may want to use his style of flying and knockbacking, using vectors and stuffs, heres the link

    just download the map, and try it
    Power of Corruptions forum

    btw, thats what im using for now, its really that great, like i wanted to replace dusk's sytem with it, even though its not that complete (e.g. not spawning special effects when knock backing, not having a chain adjacent function)
    >>In your tutorial Physics of Jumping, how do I find the intial displacement? which is Vi.
    you give the value for it.. it's variable..
    PM him? We're always chatting on Skype, though he didn't even wanted to do anything. Whatever, forget about it.
    About the terrain, I have some ideas on it, want to see its current state? :p I made 4 arenas so far but since I use only 1 base tileset (Felwood) I used terrain replacement to change the themes of all. So far I got a Felwood arena and a Snow one (the 2nd became quite effective, which surprised me xD).
    Can you find me in skype? Mine is tyrande_ma3x. As for google talk, it's just like skype but I think it's a little more "light" program. Where can I get this MSN stuff? I usually don't like it but I might install it just to see if I'm gonna like it this time.. :D
    I just got tired from doing alone 3-4 versions of the map without any help from him. People are so selfish... Anyway, I started working on an arena and it seems to be good for now - I'm trying to make it as much optimized as I can and with some well-made features. Do you have Skype or Google Talk? ^^
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