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  • I was bored, and needed to learn to use Grimex. Here. It creates a stun ability with the rawcode STUN, and a buff with the rawcode STNB.

    It doesn't target allies, yet, however. That must be done manually, since I don't know how to manipulate checkboxes via Grimex.

    //! external ObjectMerger w3h BPSE STNB fnam "Custom Stun"
    //! external ObjectMerger w3a AHtb STUN abuf 1 STNB alev 1 aher 1 ahdu 1 0 adur 1 0 Htb1 1 0 amat "" amcs 1 0 anam "Custom Stun"
    Ideas? I'm not good with ideas... I just do things. :D Ask Bloodcount, he has some interesting stuff in his mind, lol
    Few question, if it have all the Yes from you. Then I would probably judge it if I have the time.

    1) Does it have all hotkey working and none of it clash?
    2) Does all the hotkey shown at tooltips?
    3) Does all the tooltips have proper description?
    4) Does the quest log provide all necessary detail?
    5) Does the map contain credit for any resources/material in usage?
    6) Does the scripting/triggering was well coded with little to none leak?
    7) Is it open sources at this moment?
    ok ive tried to create a trigger named UnitProperties and placed the given script into my map, i tried to save the map and it gives me 2 undeclared variables, mana and manaregen, now i cant ask for help in wc3c because the site is down, can u tell me how to import this correctly, thanks
    ok ill try it, and if im comfortable with this unit properties, then ill replace cohadar's bonus mod

    thanks btw
    It doesn't come automatically. Someone has to manually turn it on for you. Good luck with that, mine took me about two days.
    Why yes! I'm glad you asked. It's an RP map I'm working on. I've been working on a method that doesn't use a spawner. This one also includes much better documentation on the commands. Oh, and I devised a way to make the whole thing run on 3 triggers. Same concept as GTrigger but less... bulky.
    Do I have use for such a system? Well, actually, that could be useful in a map I'm working on. A good coincidence. But I don't need the enhanced version, I'll use the old one. I don't need more functionality right now.
    Meh. I wrote that back when I was learning structs. Take it, for all I care. *waves hand*
    Hello... apparently it's a TH rite of passage to post 'Hello' here."

    Well, hello then

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