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    you dont see it do you? [IMG NSFW]

    Mind = Blown. I see all 9 lol.
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    You may not remember me but I helped test alot of your older maps and we played a bit over WC3...

    You may not remember me but I helped test alot of your older maps and we played a bit over WC3. Just wanted to say hi and I hope we can be friends again because I am getting back into WC3 XD
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    TD help

    Good tower defense guide it will definatly tell you how to do what your asking
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    Top 5 Anime of All Time!

    My top 5 favourite anime's. I am not so big on anime shows and I don't watch television as much as I used to so my choices are very limited. 1. Dragon Ball Z 2. Avatar 3. .Hack 4. Inuyasha (stopped watching a while a ago) 5. The older Pokemon
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    The First Game you've played ??

    Gameboy Color - Paper boy SNES - Super Mario Bros. Playstation - Final Fantasy 7 xbox - Amped 1 or 2 Gamecube - Animal Crossing PC - Prince of Persia Thats all I can think of but those were some good games (except paper boy).
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    Guitar Hero 4

    Video no longer works.
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    -- The World Ends With You -- [GREAT DS Game]

    I tried getting that game on my M3DS Real but it didn't work so will try downloading another version but from what I've heard it is really good.
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    First picture in PS

    Yeah .hack :D K, I will start to try out differen't tools. Thanks for your comment.
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    First picture in PS

    I read some tutorials and tried some tricks they taught me. This is my very first image so don't go too hard on me. :)
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    Yo Momma

    vaccum cleaners don't blow:thdown:
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    Magic Stuff + With Solution How

    At about 27 seconds when he pulls his hands away you can tell that the camera had been turned off then on again.. so they probably switched the card. Then when it shows it at the end they turned off the camera again and did the same card thing but put the whiskey on the top that time but with...
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    Terrain Based Damage, plz help.

    Try entering unit instead of matching unit.
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    Cursor Challenge Unlimited

    This is a fun game. I didn't expect it to speed up after about 30 seconds so it caught me off guard and I almost lost. I got to level 5 and 4110 points on Easy,Normal. Then I tried Insane,Stoned and got to level 2 with 710 points. Wow it is distracting when the things bounce off the bottom. I...
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    Unit Attatchment

    Check the tutorial on attachments.
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    Map maximum size (kb)

    Try the WC3 map optimizer 4.0. I have never used it before so I cant tell you alot about. Make a backup of your map before using it though.