yo homie i heard you like one-line codes so i put a one line code that evals a decrypted one line code that prints "i love one line codes" eval(base64_decode("cHJpbnQgJ2?kgbG92ZSBvbmUtbGluZSBjb2Rlcyc7?"));

Chillin, Video Games, Programming, Audio engineering Princess Mononoke, Squirt, The Hangover, Howl's Moving Castle, Disney Swans Will Attack, The Fall of Troy, Circa Survive, LIMB, Eddie Thoneick, Young Money, Kyle Hubbard, Tech N9ne, Kid Cudi, Nujab
Nov 15, 1991 (Age: 31)
Katy, Texas, United State
Software Developer


Windows Live
[email protected]
Yahoo! Messenger
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