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  • If you wish to have a Grand Finale match with Sir3tu please contact one another or post your opinion in the tourney thread.
    wanna try again this friday for the 2nd match? (not that I think I will win, but atleast to give a better replay.. )
    just so you know il be out of town for a bit skiing and then il have to catch up on school stuff, so I probably won't be able to match vs you until after the 27th
    If you want, we can do the cross-regional play for the "Super Mega Grand Final"
    If you can get a trial, im Monsterous 548.

    Alright, I could have played with you the other time but you said you would be on in 1-2 hours so I kept playing, but when I logged on later you weren't there. Is there a certain hour(s) when you know you'll be on?
    If we can set up a specific time to play that would be good. I don't usually stay up very late, on weekends I can be up until 9:30 PM. Maybe a little later but not much. Also, even if I can be on I might not always be on, so if we arrange a time I think it would work a little better.
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