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Feb 27, 2012
    1. Jesus4Lyf
      Yes, conditions with return false at the end fire faster than actions. But you can't use TrigerSleepAction or a few other things you "shouldn't" use anyway. I say "shouldn't" because who really cares?? If it works go nuts. lol
      >One more question, using conditions in the filter of TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent leaks the boolexpr?
      Not that I know of, but it's been ages. Especially not in a static trigger. If you're not destroying this trigger who really cares what you use. If GetFilterUnit() and/or GetFilterPlayer() or whatever is all you need, go nuts.
      >Is it better than using a return true function and adding the condition to the proper Conditions function?
      I never did return true, I always used to put null. But I can't remember how that saga went down. I think people believed using null leaked but I proved otherwise, but it might have been specific to something... long time ago. :P

      No worries. :)
    2. Jesus4Lyf
      TriggerActions leak on temporary triggers unless attached and destroyed manually, conditions don't.
      Also Conditions fire slightly faster. Not really that significant. lol
      So TriggerActions can cause memory leaks on temporary triggers. :)
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