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    hi im wodering if u wouldn't mind if u and ur friends who play gaias made another acct and started playing on uswest cause not very many play here and it would be good to play this game more often
    I and my friends like your map very much,we look forward to the new
    version of your map,could you tell me when it will come?
    Hey, just letting you know about some bug thats in loading. When I load the map it freezes my WC3 or crashes it and I was wonfering if you know how to prevent this.
    HI bro hey i want to talk with you
    well i want to help you in your map
    im good with triggers and object editor etc... if you like the idea pm me
    hello, please tell me,when a new version will done, all savegames(codes) will be deleted again?
    Just checking if you got it. gimme a msg. Hope i can help.
    Alrighty, Ill send you my newest Work once im finished. Just Tell me where to send it.
    Well, Dont Dought anything. ive made plenty of rather fine works but alright. Fine.
    Hope it gose great.
    Yo, Just a Fan of Yo Map. I was woundering, If i could possiably Help you Devolp more of it, Cause i spent more then 23+ Hours on it in the pass 2 days, and i was sad when i hit the wall and ran outta stuff to do. ! lol. Gimme a MSG back asap, or Msg me in b-net. Us-East, @ Naterx. Im versitile in alot of stuff. So please get back to me,. i would love to help you make more.
    I was interested in knowing if you liked the loading code, did you use it and what changes could i make for v4? btw good look with finishing the map im looking forward to the beta :)

    I was google searching and I stumbled upon your post in regards to Gaia's Online RPG. In reading it, i noticed you are searching for a literate member to help with quests. I myself an avid partaker in story making, would be more than happy to help you with the mentioned position.

    His.Infernal.Majesty__@hotmail.com is my email, please add me for further talks. :)

    Yours in hope,
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