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    Clash of the Immortals [ Need opinions and/or professionalists to help ]

    Name: Clash of the Immortals Type: ahmm dont know really, maybe you can tell from the desc Hero Ideas: This part is not yet ready but it is the main reason I made the map so the ideas will be entirely mine :) Terrain: I dont really need something special.I made a really simple terrain but I...
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    Teams (Forces) problem

    OF COURSE....I am so dumb - I wasnt making maps for a long time and forgot that small detail.Thank you Razed
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    Teams (Forces) problem

    Everything is set
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    Teams (Forces) problem

    I have set up everything.I set up the 2 computers that will be the teams I have set up the Ally properties and the Forces But In the Local Area Network (when I host the game) I dont get 2 gray Computers on Each team as I set it .Any ideas why this doesnt work?