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  1. Batman


    It is inevitable.
  2. Batman

    Signature Let Freedom Fly

    The render and the background don't go together. The bright, solid, saturated colors of the render differ to much from the faded, washed out background. The canvas is too empty. Enlargen the render, at the very least, and add in some more interest. The text and splatter brushes...well...
  3. Batman epic wins

    If all you had was a protector, then your location would be revealed...
  4. Batman

    Very easy request...please someone do it!

    Ripping is a big nono =/ Use WhiteSock's one, it looks nicer.
  5. Batman

    Signature My work (10 Sig's)

    You have improved a lot that's for sure.
  6. Batman

    animated avatar

    I thought animated avatars are given out to "special" people like the sig space, not when you get +100 rep.
  7. Batman

    Signature Bitter Rivalry

    8+ imo
  8. Batman

    Superman vs. Batman

    Well the artists did quite a nice interpretation of what me and Supes looks like. The writers did an ok job but I guess they wanted a happy ending; because that was NOT how it ended.
  9. Batman

    The Graphics Wars

    It's not the amount of posts or green bars you have, but what you do that defines your abilities to judge.
  10. Batman

    Need Good Ability Ideas

    Well it does help to a certain extent. I was thinking of Dreadlord first when I heard demon warrior for some reason, and a rifleman for human hunter. Now an ability called "assassinate" would suit more for a rifleman. Anyways, bump for you (can't think of anything)
  11. Batman

    Paint Sprite Edits (Pokemon)

    oooh, you merge existing pokemon. Didn't know because I havn't seen the new pokemon series. Very interesting.
  12. Batman

    US News Colo. police seeking man who sought free porn, claiming to be Porn Inspector

    Very. I wonder what he's going to say for his defence.
  13. Batman

    Unbelievable Batman Replica

    Looks cool imo
  14. Batman

    Large Piece Target

    Nice colours, nice depth, great composition and interesting concept. The text is pretty good too, not sure if the red fits in though. About 230 degrees from the text, the bottom of the splatters, it looks bad because the splatter just cuts off horizontal. Also, you might want to try a no...
  15. Batman

    Signature Aitd

    ^Same here. This is how I see texts. If I want it to blend in and act as a "trademark" kind of thing, I do it well and make sure they can't see it straight away. Why? It helps fend off rippers. If they can see you trying to blend it, they can go over it more easily. Otherwise, I make the...
  16. Batman

    Paint Sprite Edits (Pokemon)

    I don't get what you did o.0?
  17. Batman

    Signature Aitd

    Other than the flashlight, no there isn't. There's just a huge blast of light that's hitting on the render but it doesn't come from anywhere. Well the contrasted render does not fit in with the plain background. You can barely see it. It may be your intention but it doesn't look good with...
  18. Batman

    Signature Aitd

    It's too plain... -The render is too contrasted, with no lightning source. -Bad text. -Plain background I suggest looking up some simple tutorials so you can expand on your techniques which will help you learn new things.
  19. Batman

    Sci/Tech Science close to unveiling invisible man

    Man if this thing ever gets public in the future, there's going to be absolutely focking CHAOS!
  20. Batman

    How do I get my map recognized (On Battle.Net)?

    Well you shouldn't make a forum straight away but I guess a source of where to download the map (like how dota uses would help make the map "trustworthy" if you know what I mean..