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  1. Ilendil

    Building a new computer! Need advice

    So this is what I have so far, I'm going to be using a 7900GT I already have on my old desktop. I'm probably going to hold off purchasing a video card for another generation. Any suggestions, recommendations, comments are appreciated!
  2. Ilendil

    Problem with a VGA cooler I bought this cooler to use along with my 9800 PRO video card but there seems to be a problem with the fan not working. My prediction is that it has to do with the fact that my video card has a 3 pole connector while the fan only has a 2 pole...
  3. Ilendil

    Having problems with MW4: Mercenaries;en-us;284212 Those two support answers directly refer to the problems I am getting. I've searched and it appears that anyone that uses a "not as good" Soundblaster card seems to get this error often...
  4. Ilendil

    Having trouble with my computer...

    Well my computer seems to be getting some error messages as soon as I log on, forcing me to either shutdown or reboot. These error messages say: Windows was unable to save all the data for the file C:\x. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware...
  5. Ilendil

    Might get a upgrade, motherboard and processor, need advice

    Well, I might get a upgrade as my current one is getting somewhat old (two years). I plan on getting a new motherboard/processor, my current one is a Athlon XP 2100+ with a ASUS A7S333 Motherboard (D3A). The main reasons I want a new mobo is because this current one is pretty slow, most of...
  6. Ilendil

    Having temperature problems with my 9800 PRO

    Just got it yesterday but I'm already getting problems. I've installed a program that came on the CD of the video card that monitors the temperature, speed of the fan, etc. When I monitor it it is always at 70 degrees C, even if I'm doing nothing. When I checked it right after I played...
  7. Ilendil

    Problem with CS 1.6

    Whenever I play CS over Steam, the program will freeze when it is connecting. The freeze will occur when the bar reaches the middle, at Validating game resources and doesn't move. I either have to alt+tab out and close it or use ctrl+alt+del to exit out. This does it every game I try to...
  8. Ilendil

    SCXE 2.6 has been released
  9. Ilendil

    IGI 2 Demo Connection Problems

    Getting some probs when I try to connect to any of the servers. Through ASE, the servers look fine, and when I try to connect, all that happens is a full black screen with the "Waiting for serveriphere to respond..." and nothing happens for several seconds, when it says the connection could...
  10. Ilendil


    I'm getting some occasional crashes... When the system fails, it says it was caused by: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL This is exactly what it says when the computer crashes... err I'm not really sure how to fix it.
  11. Ilendil

    Forum rules

    Some basic forum rules: Do not spam... this applies to many things. If your post could go unsaid than do not post it. Do not bring up (post in) topics that have already been solved. Try and keep topics to one thread. If you created a thread and have further troubles on that particular...
  12. Ilendil

    Random reboots

    My computer keeps randomly rebooting from time to time... the last 5 minutes before I typed this, it rebooted 2 times. I keep getting this error message when I start it up after the computer rebooted. BCCode : 1000008e BCP1 : C0000005 BCP2 : F2064790 BCP3 : F1F209F8 BCP4 ...
  13. Ilendil


    How the **** did my dsl turn into isdn?
  14. Ilendil

    Floppy disk problem

    Having a problem with the floppy disk in the new computer. I'm trying to transfer some files from my old comp to the new one. I copy the files to the disk and I take it out and put it in the new computer, the problem is the new computer won't detect the disk at all... how do I make it so it...
  15. Ilendil


    How do I do it? Should I do it? Can I do it? Here's my comp specs: AMD Athlon 2100+ XP (running at 1.73 ghz, which is the default isn't it?) And I'm loving this new computer. :) So how do I overclock it, if I can, and should I?
  16. Ilendil

    Time for a new computer!

    Hey all... not a problem really, but its a kind of an issue as I play games. I want to get a new pc that is good for playing FPS games. My current pc's specs are: Intel P2 266Mhz Windows ME 224mb RAM GeForce 2 MX-400 SB Live! Value The only thing good in my pile of s*** computer...
  17. Ilendil


    Anyone have any maps that you made I can test/judge? I'd bet HELLSS would like to do so. Make sure the maps aren't 5-minute crap maps like I've seen many times before... (P.S. the map I attached is the map with the broodling energy problems I'm having, but the energy can be dealt with...
  18. Ilendil


    I have seen maps with broodlings that have zero energy. I tryed using the "set unit energy" to 0% but it didn't work. When I create a broodling, it is still at the 180 energy count-down... How do I set it so it doesn't do this?
  19. Ilendil

    Starcraft Map Editor Crashing

    I made a map with lots of triggers/locations, and I am trying to make a trigger, but I have the problem where the editor crashes. ALL editors I try to use will crash when I try setting the location for a "Set Doodad State for units". They will ALWAYS crash when I try setting it saying the...
  20. Ilendil

    Useful tips

    This topic will tell you about tips to help you in making maps and using this forum to your advantage. Helpful files and hints involving map editing: Look near the bottom for the files you want Type in 8739 in the time for the technology you want for instant upgrades. For more on this...