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  1. dratiny

    Unit group problem

    Hello, I am working on a custom spell, and everything is working fine, but the damage system. The spell basically makes the bladesmaster travel in a line (with the spin animation) and destroy any trees / damage any units it encounters in its path (a bit like tryndamere's spinning slash if you...
  2. dratiny

    Cast time on item-based abilities

    Is there a way to get rid of the cast time of an item-based ability that I converted into a unit / hero one ? For instance, when I take the heal ability from healing potion and make it a hero ability, it will take around 1 sec before the hero actually gets healed, and during this second he is...
  3. dratiny

    Allowing a hero to learn spell using trigger ?

    I saw that in several maps, but was never able to recreate it... What I want to do is simple : basically, you have a hero that can't learn any ability (i.e. if you press o/the learn ability button, you won't see anything). But, after some trigger activates, he is able to learn a new ability. I...