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    Need help with Ultimate

    The Spell is called Suzaku Sky Dance and it's based off elmstfreddie's Multi-Slash Spell.What I can't seem to find on the through out the tutorials of this site is how to make both the caster and the target to go in the air,and then when multi slash ends to make both units land and make the...
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    Is it Bad?

    Is it bad to set 2 abilities of a unit to go off at the same time by setting the Order String of both abilities to the same values.I have a roar spell and a howl of terror spell whose "Text - Order String - Use /Turn On(aord)" is roar.If it's bad then can someone explain me how to make double...
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    Triger Leak?

    Hy I just made a trigered spell for a hero of mine called Style Change.The spell was desinged to add 3 weapon skills to a unit.The spell itself is based of Robo Goblin,so that the player can change the 3 skills gained from my triger with 3 diferent skills.I have 2,posibly 3 problems with this...
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    Custom Sound Sets

    Is it possible to make custom sound sets in the Warcraft 3 editor without replacing old ones?
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    Tampering with trigers

    Untitled Trigger 001 Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Player Group - Pick every player in (All players) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Player - Limit training of Custom Tinker Hero to 1 for (Picked player) Inside this triger can I replace the Custom Tinker with a variable...
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    Jass Spells

    Hy can anyone recomend me a couple of very good maps from which I can learn how to make Jass spells?Pretty please.
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    Hero Screw-up

    Hi I made some custom heroes for an altered melee map and I tryed using the following procedure to make sure everyone gets one hero per player. •Click Advanced, Gameplay Constants. •Check the box at the top that says 'Use Custom Gameplay Constants'. •Find 'Techtree - Dependancy Equivalents -...
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    Hero Arena Boots

    Can anyone help me program the w3 AI to work with custom units and spells?
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    Trying to be original

    Hello everybody long time no see,I am having trouble with a map.I don't know how to make it fun. For some time I had aserious lack of inspiration,and I could really use some help.I am triger noob,but with concrete examples,I can learn prety damn fast be it jass or GUI(I don't have any...
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    Upgrade Issue

    Hello I am working on a custom melee map and I have some problems with upgrades.I am trying to make an upgrade that switches all green skined orcs to fell orcs and another upgrade for tauren,however I keep geting the picture of the new tauren inside my barack before I make the upgrade,and as for...
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    Custom Melee Map.Help Needed

    Hello I was wandering if someone can give me some advice about a sistem I am trying to make for a custom melee map of mine.It's an affiliation sistem for races,this lets you personalize the race you are playing with some unique faction bonuses.For example if you are playing with the...
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    Quick Question

    How to make Mirror Image work with Methamorphosis?
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    Having Trouble With WET Maps (was: Why)

    Why can't my warcraft 3 load the maps on this site?
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    Modeling Issue

    Can a skin be converted to a model?
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    Noob question

    How do I make upgrades for units?I want to make an upgrade for a caster,and an upgrade for a melee fighter(to change his model and give him better stats)
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    Requesting Help on different matters

    Please help with units I need some help to deal with some issues: 1)Altered Melee ideea This is more for a friend, who wants to make an altered melee map with a new custom race,the Barbarians.He wants to make this race(hold your pants)based on the vilager rpg maps he played,he literaly...
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    Error Help

    I keep geting this error on a triger:Expected a function name.What dose it mean and how do I fix it?On a testmap this error worked fine,but when I copy pasted the triger on to my map,it stoped working. Here is the triger [WC3] Events Unit - A unit Learns a skill Conditions (Learned...
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    Custom Script Error

    [WC3]Untitled Trigger 001 Events Unit - A unit Learns a skill Conditions (Learned Hero Skill) Equal to Metamorphosis Actions Custom script: call UnitMakeAbilityPermanent(GetTriggerUnit('Eill'),true,GetLearnedSkillBJ('A02T'))[\WC3] I keep geting 2...
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    Map Ideeas

    Can anyone sugest me a name for a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena map similar, to the starcraft map Aeon of Strife?It's still in the development stages(just doing heroes).The tile set is a city,I think I might turn this map in a 3-way dota,something like Rebelion of <insert a name here>2...
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    Which is the event that registers when a unit turns off immolation?

    Which is the event that registers when a unit turns off immolation?