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  1. PrisonLove

    System Spec for Gaming Laptop

    Hey all, So I'm in the market for a new laptop and I want to gear it towards gaming. I need to know what specs to look for to be able to run most games well, but the main game that I want to be able to run at near max setting is Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, and it's future expansion...
  2. PrisonLove

    Mortar Ability

    Hey all, So I wanted to make a mortar-type ability, but don't know how to go about it. The ability would go as follows Point-target Fires a projectile (with a lofty arc) at designated point Upon impact, cause AoE damage to both enemy and friendly ground units Also, I would like the...
  3. PrisonLove

    Terrain Objects

    Hey, so I'm having some trouble placing a terrain object on the Valhalla tileset. I know that you need to first lay the proper terrain object in terrain pallet and then lay the proper terrain object doodad. I have an issue though. When I lay the terrain version of the terrain object, the...
  4. PrisonLove

    Linking Maps RPG style

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to link maps together akin to the way it is done in Bonus campaign from WC3:TFT (The one where you control the beast master) If you can do this, how do you also carry a unit between the maps. I don't need a super detailed answer, just the basic...
  5. PrisonLove

    Mortar ability

    Hey, so I was wondering if someone could tell what the best way to make a mortar-type ability is? Essentially it's an ability that targets the ground and launches a projectile in the air toward the target point. Upon landing the projectile would deal area of of effect damage. Can this be done...
  6. PrisonLove

    Ray and Ellipsoid intersect

    How can I find the points of intersection between a ray and an ellispoid centered at an arbitrary point (i.e. not the origin)? I simply just cannot do the math or form it into Java code. So far I know that there is some 4x4 Matrix Q that represents the quadric surface for an Ellispoid, and...
  7. PrisonLove

    Ellipsoid as a Matrix

    How can I represent an Ellipsoid as a matrix? Assume point P(x,y,z) as the center of the Ellipsoid, and assume that rx, ry, rz are the radii of the x, y, z axes. What is the proper Matrix representation of the Ellipsoid?
  8. PrisonLove

    Java, OpenGL, and Angles

    Okay so I have a couple of questions. First of all I'm working on a little animation. In my animation there is a chubby person and he is constantly moving toward an ice cream cone. There is a monster chasing him. That is the scenario. I am working with 3D points. I'm using a rotation...
  9. PrisonLove

    Mac OS X 10.6.7 (Error code -35)

    Hey, I'm trying to erase files off of my 2GB Kingston Data Traveler flash drive that I use with my Macbook Pro (2007 or 2008 model, not sure which) and I get the message: "The operation can’t be completed because one or more required items can’t be found. (Error code -35)" The files...
  10. PrisonLove


    I heard that campaign support would be added in patch 1.2.0. Has it been added, and has anyone figured out how to make campaigns yet? If it's been figured out, can someone give me a brief overview of how to make them or point me towards a tutorial that does so. Thanks.
  11. PrisonLove

    Get Interior Angle of Polygon Java

    Hey so I'm trying to find the interior angle between 2 edges of a polygon to determine if the polygon is concave or not. I have all of the edges stored in an ArrayList and just want to loop through it, calculate the angle for each pair of edges, and if one is above 180? then I know the polygon...
  12. PrisonLove

    comparing data types after using scanf in C

    Hey, So the goal is to read input from the user using scanf(), which is easy enough, but I want to make certain that the user entered an integer, how would I do that? I'm making an integer linked list so the user needs to enter an int and I need to make sure that if he/she doesn't, they will...
  13. PrisonLove

    C ide

    Hey, Does anyone know of a good IDE to write in C? One that comes with a compiler would obviously be optimal. I'm running a Mac by the way, and don't really want to use XTools because of the amount of space it takes up. Thanks!
  14. PrisonLove

    Raising water

    Hey so I was wondering how one would raise the water level and damage all ground units in the area where the water has been raised. I want to do the same thing they do in the Devil's Playground Mission of campaign, but not damage structures, only ground units. How is it done?
  15. PrisonLove

    Need help making an ability

    So I mapped a lot in wc3 and now I'm trying to get into mapping in sc2. I want to make the queen have an ability to essentially poop out a baneling (same animation as a creep tumor), and that baneling would then walk in a straight line until it either collides with something (unit/doodad) or...
  16. PrisonLove

    Make Unit Face Mouse direction

    So, is it possible to make unit always face toward the player's mouse? I want to implement a system where when a player clicks and hold the right mouse button, his hero unit will run toward the mouse, even if the mouse is moving on screen. Left click would cause and attack. So can I always...
  17. PrisonLove

    Need feedback on an idea

    Hey so I have a multiplayer map idea that I want some feedback on. In the rural farmland of the planet Agria, a fleet of Protoss invaders has been abducting the locals. Compete with your Protoss brethren to abduct as many civilians and lay waste to as many of the colonists defenders as...
  18. PrisonLove

    Is there a campaign editor?

    Basically is there a tool like the campaign editor from WC3 where you can edit units and abilities and such once and have them carry over to each map in the campaign? If there is, where is it and are there any tutorials on how to use it? Thanks.
  19. PrisonLove

    What's a good IDE for C

    What the title says, what is a good IDE for writing programs in C? One much like Dr. Java, which has a compiler that can catch syntax and other errors.
  20. PrisonLove

    Difference between Java and C

    Hey, so the past few programming classes I have taken used Java. I am now taking a class that uses C instead and I just wanted to know what the core differences are between Java and C other than syntax and the fact that C requires the user to manually manage memory. This is just out of...