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  1. Kike

    Defend skill, how to detect it?

    Hello everybody! Today I was trying to make a hero skill based on Footman's Defend, it should basically has two effects, reduce magic damage received and increses the Footman's armor, all the effects should only happen if the Hero is with Defend active, so, if he deactivates it, he losses his...
  2. Kike

    Global Sound Effect

    Hello every body! Today I was implementing my custom spell for a Hero based on the unit Mortar Team. I made a spell which has global range and wanted to make all players hear the sound MortarTeamReady1 (the one they shout when they're trained). Well... If you are really close to the shoot you...
  3. Kike

    Taunt is crashing my map!

    Hi everybody! I was trying to make a Taunt spell making the units around the caster ordered to attack the caster for a duration( the enemy can't stop attacking by ordering another action). I'm not so skilled at triggering so I searched for a similar spell in the web and found this one...
  4. Kike

    Life drain with no drain lol

    Hi everybody :D as the title says I'm trying to make an ability, based on life drain, that does NOT give you hp. The problem is that our lovely "drain's" are full of bugs and if I put Data- hp drained = 0, it can't be used --', so... How can I do it via trigger guys? Thank you :3
  5. Kike

    Help with triggered Death Coil

    Hi helpers! I were doing a spell that may look like the death coil spell, the base ability is a dummy ability becouse of the limits of death coil of course... Here are my triggrers: [trigger]Death Coil Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions...
  6. Kike

    Need help disabling spell under codition

    Hello helpers! I was doing a spell based on the undead - Death Pact, I was specting that when I set it to be able to target enemys it may work, but it doesn't :( Then I created a channel spell that when used transforms the target into undead and I give my hero the Death Pact based on level and...
  7. Kike

    Stealth spell help!

    I am making a melee hero dps and it has an very especial steath spell, every time my hero is near an enemy unit, it became invisible, also the same spell is an blink spell that makes this hero invisible for a short time. You must be asking now... why too many inv skills??? the area of the...
  8. Kike

    Another Far Sigh spell XD

    ok, its not a reask or something like this ok? I know there is another post talking about creating a Sigh spell but it is diferent. ok... this ability is an detection aura based on movement of surronding units, ok, something like this: Far Sense: The ability makes all nearby anemy units that...
  9. Kike

    help with some skills and model request!

    Hello! I was trying to creat some spells but I couldn't :( I'm posting they below, and I can't find a custom model of a blue magic arcane throwing knife XD if anyone could help me... I will be happy :D 1- Arcane Assault Game description: The hero throws 3 sets of arcane knifes to a postion...
  10. Kike

    Need help with undead spells!

    Hello again helpers, I was doing a hero with some diferent spells, but i became stuck in the triggers of the spells. If possible can anyone help me giving some hints or doing parts of the spells? I will post the ideas here: Cold Spirits Passive: Gives the hero frost attack and damage...
  11. Kike

    Help with a full hero :x

    Hi! I created an hero(in my mind XD) and I diceded to put him in an warcraft map, but I don't know how to use triggers :banghead: if anyone wants to help me creating the guy I'm posting the spells detail here :D p.s the stats of the hero changes with one of his spells Hero class...
  12. Kike

    Help with a triggered spell

    I was trying to creat hero with a spell that changes his fight stille from an offencive to defencive and vice-versa, so, in defense mode he gains defense and health, and his spells are defence based, in attack mode he gains attack speed, more attack, move speed, but lost health and defense. The...
  13. Kike

    Arena War of the Two (can be changed)

    Hi:D , making a new map called: War of the Two (or somethig like this) and i need help to make it, becouse i'm a real begginer in World Editor, but i'm learning to use it. Ok, the map is about a idea i have and it's very cool (in my imagination), the map will be basically this: each player...
  14. Kike

    Shadow Meld Abilitie

    How can Ido an abilitie than makes the caster invisible, if its break the invisibilitie it will have bonus damage but if the caster moves it will becomes visible again like the Shadow Meld of the Templar Assasin from DotA. If anyone can help me please post
  15. Kike

    Spell request(this ideia is very good!)

    Hi, I'm making a map and i have a new spell idea, but I haven't any idea how to do this! So I'm making a spell than is this: unit X cast a spell, unit X will creat some units like a normal summon but the locations of the units will change(like in Mirror Image) and when a unit attacks a fake unit...
  16. Kike

    Help with spell (another one!)

    I'm tryingto make a map and I'm making a hero to that but the attack range of my world editor can't pass of 650 and the hero needs to shot from very far. So, if anyone can help me pliz report. thx