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    Range system

    Is it possible that a hero needs a certain items with rounds of 50 or so for range attack and changes to melee after it finishes. The range can be regained when the weapons are again bought
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    South Park

    Who is your favorite character in south park? Whats your favorite quote/Songs? I like Butters and my best song choice would be Kyle's Mom a bitch by Eric cartman
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    Anyone have news about metalcore bands,album released Plzzz Share
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    Bleach / NAruto...-All Anime Discussion

    What do you will be the next obstacles for Soul Society after Aizen and the Espada? Will naruto become a hokage?
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    Double attacks

    Can a unit be triggered to attack twice or more like anubseran (Dota). Is it possible to throw 2 or more projectile in 1 attack animation
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    Is there any POkemon PC game which have a good Graphics I played Nintendo and Gameboy Advance version and is now bored:D:D
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    The win32 Virus

    Help my computer is attacked by virut virus.
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    Warcraft The Movie

    So what do you expect from this movie? Will it be directed by Sam Raimi?
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    Models Needed

    Anyone have pokemon models or bleach(the anime) models?
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    Changing attack range

    Can there be any system or any triggers for changing a range of an unit
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    Dota:Is it dying?

    With all the various bugs and postponed map release will dota decline Sorry, I dont know know that dota threads are forbidden
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    Help with struct

    What are the various functions of struct like create() etc
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    New Damage type

    I need a new damage system like fire, earth etc. Is this possible?
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    Buff Problems

    Does removing buff from units by triggers remove the whole effect of the spell??:nuts: