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  1. Pharaoh_

    Buffs/ Spellbook/ Shortcut a unit

    1) What is the maximum number of buffs a unit can have? 2) Spellbook: Can i have it forever opened? Without the cancel option in the right down corner? 3) How to shortcut a unit to respond e.g. on F2/ F3, etc. by default? Can i? I want it pre-set, so that, when the map starts, the shortcut is...
  2. Pharaoh_

    Hard formula needed! (call udg_AllTheHelper.netExperts)

    Hm, time to get things kinda hard. I need a formula, which seems to be difficult. So, what i want: A unit casts a skill on an enemy. The system will count the Intelligence of the units. So, we have INT1 (as of Intelligence of casting unit) and INT2 (as of Intelligence of target unit). The...
  3. Pharaoh_

    Default Magic Defense and Miss Chance

    Might have been asked a lot before, but i saw no relevant results within the search function. How to remove the base magic resistance of the heroes and the base miss chance from the units in general? I want to have full control of those two factors; can i? Please do not answer, unless you do...
  4. Pharaoh_

    MUI issue and random other stuff

    1) MUI issue; i am making a spell which i tried to make it MUI. To be honest, i didn't get myself busy with indexing, so, i need to know if i am that pathetic on my first -almost- MUI triggering. It certainly has a problem, cause the triggered damage doesn't work by the second time i cast the...
  5. Pharaoh_

    A... fastidious model request..

    Well, i need a model: -Being extremily realistic, both skin-wise and movement-wise. -Having custom animations, of type 'kneel/pray' (hands crossed and the unit kneeled), 'cry' (hanging unit's head), 'walk' (realistic walk, with knees bent, not static legs moving...), 'walk silent' (walks...
  6. Pharaoh_

    Events taking place in Greece

    I don't know if you heard anything about it, but it seems that Greece is in a chaotic situation. Everything started 4 days ago. A 15(to 16)-year-old boy was killed by a police officer (he was actually shot). Witnesses claimed that the Police Officer took out his gun, when the boy started...
  7. Pharaoh_

    Model Request

    I have searched through the model sites, hive actually and wc3campaigns and didn't find what i want. So, i need a model of a young lady, modern clothes (modern=jeans, not dresses and such), with this type of hair: and hair color: Black. Credits in the map will be given + rep ;)
  8. Pharaoh_

    Spell detecting unit nearby within range - Undetect if it dies

    Well, i can't make myself clear in a single thread title, so i will explain what i want here. I have made a spell -well, trying to- that creates a dummy unit at position of Casting unit and then a periodic event runs every 0.03 seconds, moving the dummy unit at the position of casting unit. A...
  9. Pharaoh_

    2 Questions (Multiboard, Camera)

    1) Multiboard question: I have 2 rows that are supposed to display some things. Each thing should first be displayed in the second row and then if another thing is about to be displayed, the text of the second row will be transferred on the first row and the new thing will be displayed normally...
  10. Pharaoh_

    Buffs; trigger involved problems

    I have a buffer, who is supposed to buff you for 50 gold each buff. Since the buffs are actual abilities, i triggered it, so that it consumes (Current gold of (Owner of (Target unit of ability being cast) - 50)), whenever the buffer casts an ability for the target unit. There are 4 buffs on...
  11. Pharaoh_

    Another Magic Resistance Problem, +rep

    Ok, it has been asked and yes, i have searched all of the topics stating this issue, but mine differs a bit. Well, i want to make a buff that adds magic resistance to the target unit. I based off the Magic Resistance on Ruined Bracers, it didn't work. Then, i based it off the Elune's Grace, but...
  12. Pharaoh_

    Damage Types: Info needed.

    I have never understood what's the difference between the damage types in Triggers. I need an expert to specify what's the difference. Damage types in Triggers: Enhanced/ Fire/ Cold/ Lightning/ Poison/ Disease/ Divine/ Sonic/ Acid/ Force/ Death/ Mind/ Plant/ Defensive/ Demolition/ Spirit Link...
  13. Pharaoh_

    Help for finding a soundtrack [DiabloIII]!

    Well, it would belong in Diablo Forum, but uhm, its content is more general. Anyway, the newest intro trailer of Diablo III. It has a soundtrack, which i loved. Here is the link. I wish you knew it. +rep for the answer of course :)
  14. Pharaoh_

    Path suggestion in a mystery forest +rep

    I want a path that leads in a forest. The forest is somehow epic, with big trees and these mysterious moonlight rays or ancient stuff, such as roots from the big trees and old statues. Well, i want this path to end to the forest and i am using Ashenvale Tile. Anyone has a suggestion what...
  15. Pharaoh_

    Time of Day, +rep.

    How can i make it so that the half side of the map has time of day set to morning time and the other half to midnight? The morning side is not affected by midnight. So, it will has the time set to 10.00 let's say forever and the other half to 23.00 forever. (I know setting cycling of day off is...
  16. Pharaoh_

    A camera movement issue

    I have this cinematic, that when someone speaks, instead of rotating and showing him as a whole shape, i would like to zoom at him. It seems that it becomes difficult though. Actually i want the camera to be locked at that position for a while (yes, even if it is cinematics, i am in the progress...
  17. Pharaoh_

    Spells List in a Leaderboard?

    I don't know if this can be done, but since i have seen selecting races via a leaderboard, why not this? Well, Lineage has a window, that when you open it, all of your spells are there. I wonder if i can also have such a leaderboard that contains all of your spells and give you the ability to...
  18. Pharaoh_

    Request for something i can't deal with..

    Hey, i tried out Magos's Model Editor and Warcraft III Converter (v1.03) along with the model "NightElfCampain3D". I don't know what's the problem, but when i try to remove by the .mdl file (through the notepad) the materials and the textures, i then save it and damn! it doesn't change what i...
  19. Pharaoh_

    Test Map problem - Uninstall Question

    When i make a map or open one via the World Editor and i try to test it, it won't let me, saying "Unable to save file "c:\program files\warcraft iii\Maps\Test\WorldEditTestMap.w3x". I don't try to save it, only when i press "Test Map" button. So, in order to open any map, i have to normally load...
  20. Pharaoh_

    Cinematics Animation Questions

    1) I want to make a cinematic, like the cinematic of Warcraft where the wisps start rotating around the World Tree. So, i'll set a camera and above it wisps will randomly come behind the camera source, heading towards the World Tree. Each wisp passing above the camera and enters the camera...