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  1. Funce

    Rider unit: Experience

    This unit can ride off the back of other units giving them increased combat stats. Because this rider unit levels on its own attacks and by the attacks of the unit being ridden, I would like to know if there is a way to be able to add experience onto the rider unit for the ridden unit...
  2. Funce

    Soul gathering (link)

    Soul gathering means sharing gathering, Is there anyway to allow one player to gather and receive the minerals and another player to also gain the minerals gathered from one unit that is picked by a behavior/ability
  3. Funce

    Terrain bores me no end.

    Terrain bores me no end.
  4. Funce

    Damage reduction as a % from attacking units

    Alright so complete revamp Simple: How would I give a unit damage reduction (%) per level on top of an armor bonus per level (separate)
  5. Funce

    Potential Team Member

    I could think of a couple of heroes for your "Hero Line Wars" as well
  6. Funce

    Potential Team Member

    Lets do it
  7. Funce

    Potential Team Member

    Could you send me your "old project" and tell me what I would have to do with it?
  8. Funce

    Potential Team Member

    OK cool, I have no projects at the moment and I just want to help with another :)
  9. Funce

    Potential Team Member

    My time zone is GMT +12.00 (New Zealand) No goals really, but I do enjoy using the data editor. PS Terrain bores me no end.
  10. Funce

    Potential Team Member

    Hello my name is Funce and quite recently I have got very bored with custom maps, and would like to make one with some like minded or in other words, I would like to join a team of people who would be happy to have a rookie on their team to teach and for some extra hands.:p I am now out of...
  11. Funce

    Make SCV Air Unit?

    Thanks, YOU GUYS ROCK! P.S. My friend fixed the terrain issue so he doesn't need the SCV to be air anymore This will be very good for future reference.
  12. Funce

    Make SCV Air Unit?

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on here so here it is My friend is creating a map and he stuffed up the map by checking NO on the use terrain place etc. Well he wants to cover it up and make this SCV that is the starter unit as an air unit so it will ignore terrain because there...
  13. Funce

    Gridlock TD Elements - Recreation

  14. Funce


  15. Funce

    I'm Stoked :eek:

    I'm Stoked :eek:
  16. Funce

    Total Annhilation (game remake)

    I love supreme commander, one of my favourite games. I bet this will be just like it.
  17. Funce

    Gridlock TD Elements - Recreation

    I really look forward to it Sounds really, really good I'm Stoked:eek:
  18. Funce

    AOE increase and splash damage increase?

    I have some requirements already like this one USE Greater Than or Equal To Count Ability "Marauder" - "Ability" Constant 1 SHOW Greater Than or Equal To Count Ability "Marauder" - "Ability" Constant 1 Sorry I can't tell you about anything about the map's heroes...
  19. Funce

    AOE increase and splash damage increase?

    I read that tutorial first before making this ability I'll check some places...
  20. Funce

    Unable to find published maps

    I have tried and tried to find my locked, private, published maps but I can't find them anywhere on the server to test them with a friend. My friend told me to go on arcade, then look in the bottom left hand corner for published maps or something, IT WASN'T THERE (as you can...