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    I like marijuana but i don't think it should be made legal. Otherwise there may be tendency to legalize other higher drugs and could be the beginning of anarchy or even communism... Although it is illegal i dnt think pot smokers quit but it made them less welcome in public places....which is a...
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    Range system

    Is it possible that a hero needs a certain items with rounds of 50 or so for range attack and changes to melee after it finishes. The range can be regained when the weapons are again bought
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    HOW to make an attack that can't miss

    of course mkb has a stun of about 0.3 sec
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    Heroes Ideas

    fine. I think thats actually beter
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    Dota:Is it dying?

    Used to play on Garena but nowadays I prefer LAn no leaver issues:thup:
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    Heroes Ideas

    Rayo -Son of the lighning The unholy offspring of lightning and thunder he is able to command the lightning and thunder element to his wills. With his ability to summon a lightning.Foes who dare stood against him are sure to be in shocked. Models-Lightning revenant Or any models you like...
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    What affects my human height?

    Also you won't wanna be too short else every child you beat up during your preschool would step on know. Anyway in your opinion whats the average of men and women
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    Seems strange you know. Is it that nintendo doesn't allow other game comapany to make pokemon games or they are not interested. It is one of the most successful anime. We watch every episodes when I was in small. Still have most of the movies.Cannot get rid of it :D. Anyway thanks for the link...
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    Dota:Is it dying?

    Pretty good player with clinkz Huh? Specially after they remake his ultimate he became very handy ganker. Have you ever played OMG DOta HUH????
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    Other Coup D'etat

    How many slots will be given to the special equipment slots
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    How to slow down a unit's animation speed?

    Will seting the animation to 0.5 or so slow the animation
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    Wc3 editing fail > help plz

    What did you did'nt find plz specify more clearly
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    South Park

    Cartman: Weeeeeeeeeellll Kyle's mom's a bitch, she's a big fat bitch, She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world She a stupid bitch, if there ever was a bitch, She's a bitch to all the boys and girls. On Monday she's a bitch, on Tuesday she's a bitch, On Wednesday to Saturday she's...
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    Unit formation

    Can the formation be changed anyway like in line circle in the form of a star..ETC..
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    Dota:Is it dying?

    Great Downloading right away Is it available in LAN
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    Good desktop pc for gaming??

    I recommend higher budgets. With all the graphic cards needed to smoothly play new games I recommend atleast 600$ Look at this they are the gaming beast
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    Dota:Is it dying?

    I wish they made Hon or LOL free and available within ASIA. If they make it free-no subscription, I bet there are many who are willing to shift to it.
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    South Park

    I think chef has his own Album.Right???
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    South Park

    Who is your favorite character in south park? Whats your favorite quote/Songs? I like Butters and my best song choice would be Kyle's Mom a bitch by Eric cartman
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    Anyone have news about metalcore bands,album released Plzzz Share