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  1. WildTurkey

    Adding and Removing Abilities using robo-goblin

    So I have a morph ability for a unit using base spell robo-goblin. when spell is cast abilities are removed and replaced and set to original level of abilities. Abilities stored as array ability variables HeroAbilityX[player number] and HeroAlternateAbilityX[player number]. To detect if a unit...
  2. WildTurkey

    For Loop integer skipping

    So I am running this omnislash inspired trigger with a simple loop a from 1-10. Sometimes it hits every number from 1-10 but most of the time it skips from 4-8 and stuff and I dont understand why or how to fix? code below Test Spell Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an...
  3. WildTurkey

    Best way to track hero ability level

    So I want to track ability levels of heros throughout the game. Would be easy if the hero abilities were constant each game however I am going for a construct your own hero approach. I made variables for hero ability [ability number[player number]] which are set as the abilities when player...
  4. WildTurkey

    Reflecting Damage Taken to a Target

    Cant get the trigger to detect damage taken. I know it doesnt work well using event is attacked and event response damage taken but is there a way I can get this to work well. Want it to reflect damage from all sources only to a single target not to all like spiked carapace. Current code not...
  5. WildTurkey

    Basic Pathing Problem.

    Hi guys, Spent the entire day trying to get this pathing system going on this casual map I am making for my friends to play as a group. Anyway, for some reason it just will not work and the spawned minions are getting hell confused and walking around for ages before continuing. Map URL...
  6. WildTurkey

    Channel Spell Resurrection

    Hi, Making a spell that will resurrect a hero when completed but will cancel if attacked during the channel. Cant figure out what triggers to run to get this to work, I think the problem is mostly with channel as I cant seem to detect when the channel actually finishes and am not sure how I...
  7. WildTurkey

    % chance for action

    Hi, I want to have like a 10 (1/10) chance of an action concurring If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions (Random real number between 1.00 and 10.00) Equal to 1.00 Then - Actions Floating Text - Create floating text...
  8. WildTurkey

    LF Random Project Beginner Team

    Hey guys, I've been active with TH for a fair few years now and I'm looking to learn the Galaxy Editor with a few other newbies in an attempt to make a half decent map. In terms of the genre of map I am not really fussed. I'm aware the vast majority of new maps are RPG styles which I am open...
  9. WildTurkey

    Data editor: Reduce damage taken by x?

    Hey all, In the ol' WC3 there was a skill that the mountain giants had that had a % chance to reduce incoming damage by x amount, and i am wondering how i could do that on sc2? Ideally I would like to be able to have a behaviour that gave 30% chance to block 5 damage for example, however i...
  10. WildTurkey

    Adding an ability when a unit acquires a behaviour

    hey guys, I want to have a behaviour that , when acquired, gives the unit the ability 'blink'. It is not necessary that the unit has the ability in its command bar, however this is preferable. Thanks for your help
  11. WildTurkey

    Attaching a model via behaviours

    hey guys, currently I am trying to repeat a process which i used to be able to do quite easily but for some reason I cannot figure out how to get my attachments working properly! I have followed so many guides trying to find the one thing I have missed that is stopping my attachments from...
  12. WildTurkey

    Starting a mod?

    Hey so i just booted up galexy edit for first time since arcade patch and realised that there is a new set of options for starting the galexy editor... I am guessing everything i have done is in the arcade map category, and i am wondering what this new Mod option is all about?! I opened it...
  13. WildTurkey

    instant cast ability

    hey, trying to make an instant cast ability but i cant find a tutorial :) edited a fair few different ones but cannot find the difference between my custom and the standards.. whenever i cast it says: can't target caster... Also, with the Ability: arc, if i set it to 20 degrees, does that make...
  14. WildTurkey

    Refresh Behaviour Duration With Each New Stack

    Hey guys! Just wondering if i can reset the duration of each stack of a certain behaviour (buff) whenever a new stack is applied? I am unaware of any fields that may be ticked for this, or if there is a trigger or whatever :) Thank you! And also: How to change an actors roll angle with...
  15. WildTurkey

    Event --> Model Swap (Multiple scenarios)

    Hey all, i've been trying to replicate the zerglings model swap when metabolic movement is upgraded. This is simple enough to achieve with just one upgrade, however i need there to be a different model swap for each upgrade. Details: an upgrade has 7 levels, as each level is upgraded i want...
  16. WildTurkey

    structure footprint help

    i cant get the footprint to change for a structure i am creating. I've changed the model to the destructable wall doodad, but no matter what i change for the footprints properties it always seems to stay the same! (even if i change the movement pathing footprint to a command centre or whatever!)...
  17. WildTurkey

    Make a Hydralisk attack ground

    Hello hello again, I have written the following trigger: Unit Group - Pick each unit in (Any units in Collosi Boss Base owned by player 15 matching Excluded: Missile, Dead, Hidden, with at most Any Amount) and do (Actions) Actions General - For each integer HydraLoop from 1 to 18 with...
  18. WildTurkey

    Changing UI Message Position

    Hey guys, i want to change the message display position to about 200 horizontal from the left side, whilst maintaining the vertical positioning. Anyway of doing this via triggers or do i have to alter the file? Please descrive what i have to do for either method if you can :D thanks!
  19. WildTurkey

    remove leaks on unit death code plz

    Hey guys, i need the code to remove leaks upon the event: a unit dies. Variables to be removed: 1 Dialogue Item (with array size of 4) One Integer (with array size of 4) If this does not make sense am sorry, i have never really worried about leaks until now :D
  20. WildTurkey

    Attach a model to a unit through a behaviour

    Hey all, I've been following this tutorial: (using the data not the trigger method) and i have changed heaps of things around now to try and get it to work, but i cannot seem to get it! (Note i am new to the editor and even newer to...