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    Diablo 2 LOD Reset

    Greeting, First of all i would like to apologies, because this is cunserning D2 not D3. Well here i go i have found months ago that D2 are making a reset near the end of april and here is the link for the one who wants to read for their own...
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    Problem help please

    Hi guys, ive just got this spell i want to change his name this is what it says Learn Shock|cffffcc00w|rave - [|cffffcc00Level %d|r] what i wanted to do is this: Learn Blood|cffffcc00S|trike - [|cffffcc00Level %d|r] but the problem is that they give me this Learn Blood|cffffcc00S|trike -...
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    Damage x stats

    Hey there, i was wondering how do you build a trigger that when a unit deals damage it goes 3x his agi, for an exemple a unit attacks some1( he got the cretical skill) he hit x4 his agi thank you!
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    Help for a trigger plz

    Hello guys, I have a problem with my trigger blow.It just not working.Here are my problems. 1)When i kill kobold it doesnt show anything, i've done so it will post me something saying 1/10 kobolds killed or something like that but it doesnt show. 2)I cant complete my quest idk y...
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    Hey there, Guys i need a good autorefresher if possible could you tell me some site or post me links ty alot hope you will give answers soon ty alot :D
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    Need a autorefresher!!

    Hey guys,please is there anyone who could lend me a link were i could get a autorefresher?? Thanks alot :D
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    Help for a trigger

    Hey there, I need help with a trigger,my problem is like i got a tavern with hero in it, and i want to my shade disapear when i pick a hero. 1.I want my shade to disapears when i pick a hero Thanks for your answers
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    Need help with Quest Triggers

    :DHello there, Am trying to understand a quest trigger,if you possible got any please post it here, i will be really happy to see it and learn something from it. What am looking for it's a multi-player Quest trigger.For exemple, A unit enters in a certain range or region, then he get...
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    Need help here!!

    hey guys i got prob with my quest trigger!! 1.When i complete my quest it doesnt show any message saying that ive completed(but when i check quest it's marked complete) 2.When ive done my quest that is killing 10 kobold,after the 10th kill it goes to -1 why?? 3.When ive finished complete...