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  1. Ilendil

    Building a new computer! Need advice

    Between the Corsair 550W and 650W, there's only a $10 difference, should I just buy the 650W PSU?
  2. Ilendil

    Building a new computer! Need advice

    TBH those look obnoxious haha Anyone have a recommendation for a PSU that's 500-550W?
  3. Ilendil

    Building a new computer! Need advice

    So can the E8400 on air cooling. I don't think I want to go BACKWARDS, do I?
  4. Ilendil

    Building a new computer! Need advice

    I have (my 3200+ is OC'd to 3800+ speeds), but I really doubt I need a 750W PSU.
  5. Ilendil

    Building a new computer! Need advice

    Here's actually a really good analogy to PCI-E 2.0:
  6. Ilendil

    Building a new computer! Need advice

    If I went for a P45 motherboard, I would expect them to cost upwards of $250. Even then, the newest model aren't always worth having as they can often have problems. I'm not even sure if PCI-E 2.0 is worth it? Having that small boost for a lower latency RAM is also extra money that is not worth...
  7. Ilendil

    Building a new computer! Need advice

    So this is what I have so far, I'm going to be using a 7900GT I already have on my old desktop. I'm probably going to hold off purchasing a video card for another generation. Any suggestions, recommendations, comments are appreciated!
  8. Ilendil

    The Helper needs help again

    If you'd like, I can make animated Flash buttons for your menubar unless a traditional mouseover graphic is all that's needed.
  9. Ilendil

    Hero System in Sc2?

    They are still satisfying WC3 people who want heroes by introducing units like the Protoss Mothership though.
  10. Ilendil

    Hero System in Sc2?

    If they went the way of Warcraft 3 and added hero-based gameplay it wouldn't be Starcraft anymore. I'm sure everyone is perfectly fine with the ability to have customizable heroes like that though.
  11. Ilendil

    Banner Contest Discussion

    I really like yours Ryokos, its simple and professional, the right text doesn't seem necessary though, it just doesn't fit in. Hows it look on the main page?
  12. Ilendil

    Help Me Plz

    Use search. "Money for kills"
  13. Ilendil

    Can someone help me with some sounds...

    Look for a program that can extract files from the .mpg files. But I wouldn't recommend putting them into multiplayer maps, because the downloads would be horrendously long.
  14. Ilendil

    Any way to create units for host

    What you *can* try is have a unit or building placed based on whatever the player's random start location is and then run a trigger to place that civlian start on that unit. Once thats done, you can have the unit or building killed and the game can start.
  15. Ilendil

    Giving units, but keeping colors!

    This is only possible if the player in question is a "rescuable" player. There might be a way to get around this and do it another way, but I really haven't looked into map making in awhile now.
  16. Ilendil

    Making a campaign, need help...

    Disable = "disables" the door and therefore opens it. Enable = "enables" the door and therefore closes it.
  17. Ilendil

    help me plz

    Both of those things can be done by using a modified editor. Pre-place the tanks as neutral in the editor and they can't attack or move.
  18. Ilendil

    Problem with a VGA cooler

    Well, I got confused when you talked about the "spring" but it was just a piece of metal jutting out.