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  1. DiDdY


    Hello Modelers, from wide and far. I am here to request models of you all, from wide and far. For our new MapCraft map, we require different sorts of Roman soldiers. Mainly the Roman Legionary. Simply, we require a Legionary, that looks like a Roman Legionary would of done, but with team...
  2. DiDdY

    Heroes & Abilities - I Know You Love It!

    Introduction Hallo! It's me again TheHelper.Net users! Your freindly neighbourhood Elf. Anyway, I'm looking for Hero ideas and abilities to go with them. As much information as possible would be great, and of course, you'll be displayed in the Credits and at various points in the game...
  3. DiDdY

    The Nameless Shame

    Edit: Don't worry, got it sorted. So, I am helping a member of the Warcraft III community (you don't see that every day :P) his name is Abokasee-Red. As you may of heard, he is creating a map, which we haven't currentely got a name for, and thats why this thread is here - HOWEVER, this thread...
  4. DiDdY

    A few questions...

    Hello TheHelper.Net users - again. Problem 1: Today, I am wondering wether it is possible to set the Build Time of a unit to 0. Well yes, if you've ever played 'Battle for Northton Town', or 'MoneyShot' then you'd know, that you have a Command Centre, which moves. From this, you can hire...
  5. DiDdY

    Goblin Land Mines?

    Hello, TheHelper.Net, and it's users! So today, I got my lovely Anti-Tank marine, thinking, oh, I know, I'll give him an Anti-Tank mine! Unfortunately, I stumbled across a problem. I couldn't find an ability for it, so I used my search function and put in the tag 'mine'. After stumbling...
  6. DiDdY

    Parachute-type Drop

    Hello, TheHelper.Net. For a map I am assisting, I need some help. The aim of this, is to drop, at certain points, some kind of boxes containing different amounts of gold. So far, I have this; Trigger One; (it won't actually be a dragonhawk). Creating Plane Events Time - Every...
  7. DiDdY

    Unit Dies - Region?

    Hello, again, TH. For this trigger, I don't want all these units to die every time an engineer dies, so would there be/is there anyway to get some sort of condition that makes sure the unit was within a region upon death? Alliance Unit Death Events Unit - A unit Dies...
  8. DiDdY

    Turn Off, Turn On?

    Hallo, TH.Net. In a map I am assisting with, I have a few small triggers, and I'm just wondering if the bit at the bottom of this trigger, the 'Turn Off (This trigger) Wait 10 seconds Turn On (This Trigger)' bit would work? Revive Events Unit - A unit enters Secret Entry...
  9. DiDdY

    Signature Pandamonium

    Well, 'rate and slate' it as they say, it's my first signature in, around six months I reckon. The render is from PlanetRenders and it's the bird type character of 'Kung Fu Panda' a film currentely released (well, I know it's in the UK, not sure about other countries).
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    Novel Chapter Extracts (Not Full Novel)

  11. DiDdY

    Water - Land

    Hello, TheHelper.Net users. I'm puzzled at this matter; - Blizzard cliffs look ugly, so I'm avoiding them. - Although, I need to do a section of water in the bottom left corner, and I'm not sure how I'd go about doing it without using these 'ugly default cliffs'. - Unfortunately, I...
  12. DiDdY

    Strategy Map Storyline?

    Hello, TheHelper.Net users! If you haven't already heard, MapCraft are making a Strategy, and we'd love to know your ideas for our map. We're having a lot of trouble trying to come up with a little idea for the storyline, so if you can spark our heads it'd be great. We don't need a whole...
  13. DiDdY

    Main Tileset?

    So, as you may or may not have heard, MapCraft, are creating a Strategy for their first project. Now, we wonder, what tileset shall we use as a base? Of cours, we'll be adding other tiles to the set, and removing some that were originally in there, but what tileset do you think should be used...
  14. DiDdY

    W3MO - Poll 2) Name

    Hello, TheHelper.Net users. Clan Mapcraft has won the vote, unless changed at a later date. We look forward to hearing your results, Regards, Diddy, Warcraft 3 Mapping Organization Team.
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    User Rank Names

    Hello, TheHelper.Net users. On behalf of the Warcraft 3 Mapping Organization, I come to you, for help. If you have recentely heard, we are setting up a forum to spread the word of the Mapping Organization, to recruit some team members, communicate, and get the project on a full go...
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    Poll 1) Game Type?

    Answer the poll, the Map Orginization want to know! Feedback, and opinions/ideas are also appreciated. If other, post instead of voting.
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    Warcraft 3 Mapping Organization

    Hello, TheHelper.Net users. Introduction: I'm here to inform you about the Warcraft 3 Mapping Projects happening in recent times. We are a simple Warcraft 3 Map Making group. We will create maps based on Public opinions, and allow Open Source, for other users to...
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    Maps, maps, and more maps?

    Visit the new thread:
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    Giving a Player a Randomly Generated Name

    Hello, TheHelper.Net users. Today, I present to you my problem: Each player needs his own name. The name cannot be done via a name changing system (for chat system purposes) and I cannot use the default name. Therefore, I need a system. A system, that will generate a name for each of the...
  20. DiDdY

    Chat System?

    Is anyone capable enough to inform me (without saying use the search button (as I already have)), how I would go about making a chat system, and/or posting some code? It would be like this; If a player types a message, the message is cleared from the screen (instantly) which appears as a...