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    My Sort Of Band The band is real, the song that is up is a joke with some of my friends who live near me and come over to hang out and jam.
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    This Needs A Title So Badly...

    Set in the universe of this -> If you read everything in that plot AFTER "A Hundred Year, Minute-Long Intermission", you might understand this a bit better. Anyways, I really need a title for this little work in progress, and I was...
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    [Idea] Dancing Through Life

    So, I want to the open house of a magnet high school with my friend the other day (we're both applying for Literary Arts there), and I was joking that he and his best friends should apply for dance. He made a crack as to what would happen if they got accepted, and thus, Dancing Through Life was...
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    It Is Not A Side Effect Of The Sedative, I Am Thinking It Must Be Madness

    Short story I wrote a while back that I recently edited. Smith and Brendan are my favorite characters to put together, because they're such opposites. Smith's a bit OCD, and can blow things a bit out of proportion (think Ari Gold from "Entourage"), and Brendan's...well...insane, to put it...
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    My DeviantArt

    ...feels under appreciated. Have at it. Critique and more is appreciated.
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    Okay, hi. I need a picture, preferably with a black background, with the quote "The angels just cut out her tongue, call her Black Mariah" on it. Size is not an issue here, and neither is legibility. The more pixelated or the creepier, the better. Also, it needs to have this image somewhere on...
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    My new game!

    So, I have started an ARG (That's Alternate Reality Game, for all you people behind the times). If anyone wants to jump in on it, you can catch up at this page. Just don't let 'em know that I'm the one running it. They think I'm a "friend of the PM (the one running it)" so shhhhhhh!
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    Welcome To New Arkham

    So, this is a short story that was meant as a contribution towards a collection of alternate universe Batman stories my friends are writing, called New Gotham. In our timeline, this is shortly before Batman is killed (yes, killed!), and there is a mass escape from Arkham. Also, this has slight...
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    Part Of A Short Story

    So, this is what I have so far of this story that I'm writing about my fictional organization, the Department of Paranormal Research. They are based in the fictional town of Havenwood, PA, and do exactly what their name implies, along with taking insane bounty hunters and such into custody. That...
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    Lyrics and Things.

    So, writing has kind of become a huge timewaster for me over the summer, considering how I'm now in two bands. So here's one of the first songs I wrote for my ska band, Better Than Drew. It's called "As Seen On TV." VERSE 1: You gotta learn the art, to reach the top of the charts But we just...