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    Detecting unit in front of a unit

    I have a special spell that is instant cast and cause damage to a random unit in front of the caster at melee range but i have no idea how to detect the facing and position of a unit
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    models don't work

    i have downloaded these models but they don't work in-game.What the problem.
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    Icon Green Boots of speed

    This is another icon of boots of speed.Hope you like them.
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    Icon My first icon

    Hello.This is my first icon and i want to know if it good or no.
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    JASS problem

    Hello im learning JASS and I got a problem.Everytime I create a trigger and convert it to a custom text and I test map,it don't work and it show me this : please help me.
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    System 12 inventory slots system

    Want to have more than 6 slots in your inventory but you don't JASS so this is the right tutorial.Very easy and 100% GUI:thup: Create 1 ability based on berserk name it Change backpack Set Move speed and attack speed to 0 and cooldown to 0 too. Set duration (Hero and Normal) to 0.01.Change...
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    WIP Warcraft 4: The Shadow War

    Team : Me (Units/Story/Gameplay/Leader) wc3shady (Terrain/Lore) Renendaru (JASS) Update : [10/1/09] : Maked NE campaign the first one that it will be played. [9/1/09] : Changed desccription of the tribal lodge and the name of the Fel Orcs Barrack. [8/1/09] : Changed Brute Name [7/1/09] ...