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  1. scorpion182

    Arena Duel Jutsu II

    Map Description A hero arena that implemented hands seals system. You're the shinobi. The powers of of the jutsus are your weapons. Use them to destroy enemy and lead you to victory. Type: Hero Arena Category: Anime Map Size: 64x64 Playable Map Size: 52x52 Suggested Players: Full House...
  2. scorpion182

    Defense Obelisk Defense

    Obelisk Defense Intro: This is a 6-player hero defense with the objective is to secure the obelisk from the incoming wave of monsters. Creeps will be spawn in waves and will try to reach the obelisk. Your job is to stop the creeps in any way possible. When the obelisk destroyed or all...
  3. scorpion182

    Spellpack Volcano Giant Spellpack

    This was my submission for the Hive Hero Contest #2. Contains 4 Spells. 1. Tremor Ability Type: Active Target Type: None Effect: Area Damage & Summon Description: Slams the ground causing 3 boulders rippled out from the ground and dealing initial damage. When a boulder crushes the...
  4. scorpion182

    Cinematic Fade In + GetLocalPlayer

    if (GetLocalPlayer()==GetOwningPlayer(the_unit)) then call CinematicFadeBJ( bj_CINEFADETYPE_FADEIN, 0.6, "war3mapImported\\white.blp", 90.00, 0, 0, 15.00 ) endif does it desync or not?
  5. scorpion182

    Is there any function to get unit scale?

    Is there any function to get unit scale (size) ?
  6. scorpion182

    Arena Grand Battle

    this is a simple hero arena which contains anime & video game characters. Features: - choose from so far 18 characters. - 2 game mode: point n time limit - jass spells - stupid AI - custom models and skins - available characters: naruto, sasuke, vivi, cloud, subzero, storm, mario, ace...