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    Terrain+Doodads for Plains

    Thx, I will take that into consideration.
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    Need help with a hero (Shadow Walker)

    Shadow Touch- The spell is cast and fog appears that damages while your in it. Base it off Death and Decay I believe.
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    Terrain+Doodads for Plains

    Well I'm making a RPG, and between my forest and desert I want there to be a open plains. BUT I don't want it to look all I did was put units and dirt paths. So what doodads would be best to liven it up? And what tile? FYI this plain isn't gonna be completely flat, if that helps.
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    Canadian Police Tolerates Piracy For Personal Use

    All I can say is Canada FTW! I love living here.
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    Half-price Big Mac to fight global warming proves big hit in Japan

    only bad thing is "There goes global warming...Here comes global fatness" depending on how long this goes and how many burgers people order.
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    Human-animal embryo study wins approval

    There reason is because they can. Many scientists believe if you can accomplish something you're rightly allowed to do it even if it is against the laws of nature.
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    'I ate my roommate', says teen

    Ughhhh! I was eating yogurt at the time and almost barfed it back up. Thats nasty.
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    Anyone Else Like Me?

    I'm a music addict. I'm almost always listening to music. Can't listen? I sing softly to myself. Can't sing? I hum. Can't hum? I go through the song I'm my head over and over and over etc. Even dream music. And if I'm not doing any of those there is something wrong at the time (ie. I'm really...
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    U.S. most armed country with 90 guns per 100 people

    That is why I love living in Canada, you don't have to worry about getting shot outside your front door. Canada FTW!
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    Question about Check point

    what they mean is put the turn off this trigger at the end of your trigger
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    There is also a really nice tutorial on it Attachments and Special Effects
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    Classroom: "General" GUI Functions

    I need to really learn my triggers sign me up!
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    It's official: Pirates crack Vista at last

    Now Vista will be obtainable by people even if they can't afford it or can't get it because they are all sold out. That then means more people will try Microsoft's programs and if they like it Microsoft will have on more person who loves their program and one more computer with their program on...
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    Engineers Create Optical Cloaking Design For Invisibility

    I want that! The things people could do with that type of technology, good and bad, like with war. The down side is that there are more bad things to do than good things.
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    A unit attacks question

    So IKilledKenny that would be miss? And is their anyways to add buffs i cant find a action to do that.
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    A unit attacks question

    Anyone have an easier way to do this? I want their to be a chance to get a critical hit, a chance to stun, a chance to miss, and a chance to hit regular.
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    A unit attacks question

    If i had a trigger like: Untitled Trigger 002 Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions Actions Set Attack_Percent = (Random integer number between 1 and 5) If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions...
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    Two questions about movement and backpacks!

    I cant place a building where i want the chest to go.
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    Two questions about movement and backpacks!

    Thx Zell I've had a this problem of the storage chests moving and it was driving me crazy! +Rep
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    Two questions about movement and backpacks!

    That's exactly what I'm trying to get. What inventory did it use? And what was the model again?