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  1. gameman

    Replacing a units model?

    Is there a way to replace an individual units model? I am trying to make a spy type unit.
  2. gameman

    Custom team colors (textures) not staying.

    So I used the Image extractor program and exported two player team colors to edit. When applied, they show up in the editor, but not ingame. I wanted to make a tan race, so I replaced the purples TGA file. ReplaceableTextures\TeamColor\TeamColor04.tga With the path above, the units are...
  3. gameman

    Making a custom map, but the user can still select his race.

    I have tried marking "use fixed start locations, and marking the race as human" but when I launch warcraft 3 and see the map info, I can select my color and race. (Forgive me for my ignorance on not remembering how to do so myself, but I haven't used this thing in years.) How do I lock the map...
  4. gameman

    Can't access thread.

    A long time ago I downloaded "EGUI", a tool made by a user at these forums. I couldn't find it, but a Google search found me a link to it... that I cannot access.
  5. gameman

    Buying a tablet, any suggestions?

    (If I posted in the wrong section then move this, I haven't been on an online forum (especially this one) in years. Hello all, I am thinking about buying a tablet. My reason is that I want to make it easier to work on my comic faster and better. I use a mouse for my art right now and its...
  6. gameman

    HTML application keeps opening IE

    Hello, I have a HTA file that after a confirmation box, redirects to another site. My problem here is that when I launch this, the web page loads but then IE (internet explorer) Keeps opening its self up with one line of java script code in the address bar. The windows continue to pop-up untill...
  7. gameman

    Wav hunter for teamfortress2 (and soon for all other source games!)

    Hey guys, if you are like me you enjoy music inside your games. well I created something called "Wav hunter" which simplifies the process of creating music cfg's. All you have to do is place this file and your music into the sound folder of teamfortress2 (or a sub folder in the sound folder.)...
  8. gameman

    Usb Wire color codes?

    I have a usb cable with two ports at the end. the color wires are Im not sure what each wire color means, any help is apreciated.
  9. gameman

    Batch file if statement error

    It may be something silly but I keep getting the same error "File Doesn't Exist!" :loop set /p song!a!=Enter song name %a%: if not exist %song!a!%.wav (if exist %song!a!%.mp3 ( set song%a%=%song!a!%.mp3 ) else (Echo File Doesnt Exist! set /a a=%a%-1)) set /a a=%a%+1 if %a% GTR %sngs% goto...
  10. gameman

    Text at another position

    Is it possible to create text at the top of the screen? Say I want to make a fake advertisement with the game function display text.
  11. gameman

    Forced miss

    I know that the buff of the spell curse causes units to miss there attacks, is it possible to have this type of buff without a spell cast? I tried evasion, but I'd rather have the attacker miss occasionally, than the target dodging it. (because I have several units with out this evasion and...
  12. gameman


    I was not too sure were to post this. so a moderator may place it in its proper forum. If some one is willing, can you translate these following lines into any language you speak fluently. Language translated: English Easy List Version Please Input name (must be a valid windows name) File...
  13. gameman

    Straight talk phone color change

    recently I had my phone broken, my mom thought she could surprise me by bringing me a new phone with the Straight talk plan. The phone was great, but It was let down due to the fact its menus seemed feminine. Is there any way to change them? I've googled any combination I could think of. Ive...
  14. gameman

    Dihydrogen monoxide

    "Fact "The Dangers Please spread the word.
  15. gameman

    Bull of heaven I guess music is part opinion.
  16. gameman

    Pop up ad?

    I was viewing a users page when I got a pop up about cooking deer. I was not on any other site so It must have originated from here. Was this unintentional?
  17. gameman


    No this is not something I got when I bashed my head against my keyboard, this is a real disease. Something miners got when they worked with the first compressed air drills. Link. 'tis a bit random, but its also quite an interesting word.
  18. gameman

    Left for dead no witches or tanks?

    Hi guys! I need some help preventing the spawning of the tank and the witch. I've set up a little cfg file that allows you to play as just one person with out any of the specials. It also increases zombie aggressiveness and zombie counts (Mainly mob, and mega mob sizes). It was easy with the...
  19. gameman

    X my job Like fml but in the workplace.
  20. gameman

    Urban Prankster. Pranks and mocking.