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  1. Dinowc

    Preventing auto-attack

    How to prevent a unit from auto-attacking a target? I mean it wont attack until it is issued an order to do so, no matter if it is attacked by another unit
  2. Dinowc

    Need a formula

    I'm completely stuck as I can't figure out a proper formula for this scaling Ability Level | Damage 1 | 80 2 | 120 3 | 175 4 | 245 5 | 330 as you can see, the increase is exponential, each time it deals +15 more damage than on previous bonus so: 80 + 40 = 120 120 + 55 = 175 (since 40 + 15 =...
  3. Dinowc

    Would you go to Mars?

    link so would you be willing to go to and colonize the red planet, without ever returning back? I would if I was a successful 40 year old man with nothing more to accomplish on Earth :P so I guess never xd EDIT: assuming you have expert doctors, engineers, enough water and food
  4. Dinowc

    Spell Falcon Punch

    yeah ofc the idea isn't mine :P I've made this spell since HeX.16 requested it and I thought I could share it here Falcon Punch scope punch initializer init // requires Timer Utils, AIDS, Knockback System (Kenny's), Group Utils // CONFIGURABLE: globals private...
  5. Dinowc

    Spellpack The Necro Walker

    Morbent Splinterspine it's been a long time since I've posted my last spell now I've decided to post a whole spellpack screenshots are useless, but since everybody wants them, they are here :rolleyes: Bone Spear Necromancy Confusion Living Wall Unholy Frenzy Changelog: Requirements...
  6. Dinowc

    Check if unit is decaying

    I need to check if the unit is decaying (not dead) because the moment he's killed, the unit is dead but when he "falls" to the ground, he's decaying any possiblity for that? :confused: EDIT: found a solution
  7. Dinowc

    A request for polishing my terrain

    so after a long while, I've started doing maps and now I'm making a RTS Modern Warfare AoS I currently made about 60% of the terrain now what I'm asking for is could someone finish the terrain? I'm very bad at it, especially when adding details (rocks, shrubs, cliffs, trees...) again, the...
  8. Dinowc

    Stackable increased attack speed

    is it possible to make bloodlust stackable? or is there any way to make unit's attack speed increase over time? my head is completely blank right now...
  9. Dinowc

    Spell Energy Field

    Energy Field + Hellfire Ritual v2.0 I got inspired by HoN's Energy Field and decided to make a Wc3 version of it (although I actually never played HoN, I've made the spell based on it's description xd). It's: -MUI -Lagless (unless you spam) -Leakless (I think, hard to find any leaks in such...
  10. Dinowc

    Make a hero explode?

    I just tried making a hero unit explode and he just plays his death animation, while it works on a normal unit... so is it possible to make a hero explode? (blood spilling around)
  11. Dinowc

    Play specific animation

    I want my unit to play his Attack - 2 animation when he casts a spell, but I seem to fail :( either he plays both attack animations or doesn't do anything
  12. Dinowc

    How to make a unit transparent without triggers?

  13. Dinowc

    How to remove the "upkeep" thingy?

    how do I remove all that text about upkeep? (look at the pic) I want it to show something else, like game description or such... can't find anything in game interface... also is there a way to stop playing that annoying "DING" sound when your food limit get's to certain value and...
  14. Dinowc

    Income system doesn't work!

    can someone explain me why this isn't working? library income initializer init globals public integer array INCOME private integer array SALARY private group G endglobals private function filterFunc takes nothing returns boolean local unit u = GetFilterUnit() if...
  15. Dinowc

    sight range more than 1800?

    is it possible to set unit's sight range to higher than 1800? I can't find anything in gameplay constants
  16. Dinowc

    do upgrades affect mercenaries?

    I haven't tested it (I want to save time :P), but here's a question: I buy a mercenary unit from a neutral building (like a tavern) and the unit uses an upgrade if I upgrade that "Upgrade" from my base, will it affect the unit?
  17. Dinowc

    An ability that causes the target to take more damage?

    is there a single-target ability that causes the target to take x% more damage? like berserk, but targetable I'm sure there is one but can't remember which... :banghead:
  18. Dinowc

    Spell Energy Empower

    Energy Empowerv1.6 Requires: TU, PUI, dummy model (you can export the dummy model from the map cause I can't remember the link :P) Import Difficulty: Not very simple (you need 2 systems, 2 spells and 2 dummies) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // ENERGY...
  19. Dinowc

    Detecting whenever unit loses mana

    how to detect whenever a unit loses mana and how much? I started making my first real vJass spell and I really need it is it possible?
  20. Dinowc

    System Polygon system

    I don't know if a similar thing was posted before, but I'd like to show you my first system (don't be harsh on me :o) so it's a Polygon/Polyeder system, that allows you to create some standard geometric shapes using lightning effects and some math :P this may be improved later, that would...