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  1. Thanatos_820

    Warcraft Reforged: Resurgence

    Wowie, it's been a while, hasn't it? Hope everyone that's still here has had a wonderful new year and Christmas. So with YouTube constantly recommending me Warcraft Reforged videos this month, and seeing as how its release is drawing ever so close, I couldn't help but think about It's...
  2. Thanatos_820

    Death's Sketchbook

    Death's Sketchbook I just draw on my free time, or when I'm very bored. Here, you can see how my art has changed over the years. Artwork pre-2011? Let's just say I'd rather not show, heh. Critique or enjoy, whatever suits your fancy. You can ask me anything. PS. My apologizes if the images are...
  3. Thanatos_820

    Hand-Drawing Assymetrical Logos and Tags

    Hand-Drawing Asymmetrical Logos and Tags Thanatos_820 PREFACE PREPARATION MATERIALS TECHNIQUE FINAL PRODUCT
  4. Thanatos_820

    Thanatos_820 — Death is Not the End

    [I hope this is in the right section/allowed, but if not, do what you will.] It's been so long, and there's so much to tell, but where do I start? I suppose we should roll the timeline back several years first before going anywhere, but I'd like to get an introduction out first. Whether you...
  5. Thanatos_820

    Your Character's Title

    Haven't seen a thread about titles in general, so I'll start one. For the hell of it. What is the title of your main character? It could be your favorite, the first title you ever received, the one that was the most time-consuming for you, sounds ridiculously awesome with your character's...
  6. Thanatos_820

    Paladins - /facepalm

    Ulduar patch has shattered any hope for me to see the light of dawn again. I am disappointed with the Tier 8 armor set and it even makes me think that Rogue Tier 8 looks superior. Out of all the plate wearing classes, Paladins are ridiculed. To be honest, I really thought there was a trend in...
  7. Thanatos_820

    Corpse Dragging

    A weird picture that I took today, which is VERY weird. My friend, Silentblades (Known as Excalibar, Firemaniac, and Holyflame), just died and I did also (While on a 3-man raid to Northshire). Then, as we try to retrieve out bodies, I see my friend's corpse dragging on the ground. Quite unusual...
  8. Thanatos_820

    Tutorial Reducing MP3 File Size

    Reducing MP3 File Size! By Thanatos_820 Yes! This is possible! Just follow my simple & short tutorial and you'll eventually do it! Okay, this tutorial is made for people who want music in their maps, or sounds in MP3 format. I have a way to make the file half its size, with almost no...
  9. Thanatos_820

    Icon Help

    I'm getting pissed off at making icons work, so, I'm in need of a program that can make images 32 bit instead of 24 bit. Or can someone make them 32 bit for me? Here's my problem if you ask: 1. I've made an icon, it's 24 bit, uncompressed (WC3 Image Extractor II won't take compressed), TGA...
  10. Thanatos_820

    Triggering: Game Difficulty

    I'm having some problem with a Difficulty trigger for my second ORPG, I got down the HP & Mana handicap, now I need a Damage & Armor Handicap. Can someone tell me how to do a Damage & Armor handicap in percent? +Rep if someone can answer.
  11. Thanatos_820

    Weird Import

    I have this really weird import that I didn't import and it's called: TerrainArt\Terrain.slk The file type is called Other and it seems to be taking up 49 KB of my map. I'm using UMSWE to edit my map. Should I leave the import the way it is or remove it to save some space? I seems to be...
  12. Thanatos_820

    Question: Saving Space in OE

    OE = Obect Editor I'm currently working on an ORPG (As seen in the Member's Projects), and I'm going to ask 2 questions bout saving space with Objects in the Object Editor: 1. Since Warcraft 3 TFT's WE has those long strings such as the item ability Item Attack Bonus (+whatever) and I...
  13. Thanatos_820

    (10) Plains of War ORPG

    (10) Plains of War ORPG I have just started working on this project today since I'm bored of my mind of was inspired (Again, but differently) by 3 small screenshots...look here, you'll see what I mean. The Great Plains 1 The Great Plains 2 The Great Plains 3...
  14. Thanatos_820

    Map Crash Unknowingly

    Okay, before I was about to release my map, (4) Sunken Frenzy 1.0e, I got this fatal error that I had no idea what caused it. I'm not sure how, or why it happened...but here's what it said: The map file is on the last post of my map thread. No, there are no loops in this game.
  15. Thanatos_820

    Spells: Upgrade Requirements

    Gah, another problem with the Object Editor. Very hard to explain so I'll try to breifly explain it: 1. I've been working on my (4) Sunken Frenzy map for sometime now, all I need is to make the passives and spells unavaliable until the player upgrades the spell. Now, here's the problem...
  16. Thanatos_820

    (4) Sunken Frenzy

    (4) Sunken Frenzy By Thanatos_820 / K9_Felravager World Editor Tutorials Link: [Download!] (Version 1.0d) Suggestions and feedback are welcome...thank you. -Thanatos_820 / K9_Felravager
  17. Thanatos_820

    Summonings Problems: Familiars

    Okay, I made a spell that summons a familiar called a Spirit Dragon. I gave it the Locust ability and I have this trigger (But I can't get some things right) so far: Spirit Dragon Events Unit - A unit Spawns a summoned unit Conditions Or - Any (Conditions) are true...
  18. Thanatos_820

    Tutorial Changing WC3 Background

    Changing WC3 Background In this tutorial, you will learn of changing your own Warcraft 3 TFT background from the Frozen Throne to another background of your choice. Credits go to, english translation by from Age of Oblivion...
  19. Thanatos_820

    Hidden & Secret Icons: Revealed!

    Have you got pissed at your map size and had to download those good icons? Have you wondered how people submit those neat icons at, the now-dead site? Here's a list of the icons you can get without downloading the icons you want. Some of the WoW icons are already here! Admiral...
  20. Thanatos_820

    Income Help

    I made a trigger for a player's Gold Income, but I can't seem to find the right triggers to show what is the integer of their gold income for each player and when it increases :banghead:. For example: Thanatos begins with 50 gold. ????????? begins with 50 gold. Thanatos kills 1 unit (+1...